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   Chapter 276 Showdown

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As she spoke, Julia left Terence aside and left with Jasmyn.

Jasmyn glanced at Terence behind her and caught up with Julia. "Julia, is it really appropriate to leave him alone like this?"

"Why not?" Julia said slightly, "We are not from the same world anymore. Don't pretend to be nice to him. Or both of us will feel uncomfortable."

Jasmyn still wanted to say something, but Julia stopped a taxi and said to Jasmyn, "You go back first. I have something to deal with."

"I'll go with you." After what happened last night, how could Jasmyn rest assured that Julia went out alone? She said to Julia in a hurry.

Julia refused, "Don't worry. I won't drink. I'll be back soon."


"Don't hesitate. Go back now." After saying that, Julia got on the car.

When they arrived at the appointed place, Mandy had already arrived. When she saw Julia at the door from a distance, Mandy didn't look good.

Julia knew that she was here to blame him.

She walked to the opposite of Mandy] and sat down. Before she could say anything, Mandy said aggressively, "Julia, I've warned you to stay away from Terence. What's wrong with you? Do you take my words as a deaf ear? "

Mandy sneered, "I'm your mother. I gave birth to you and raised you for so many years. Are you so ungrateful to repay me in this way?"

"You come to me Just to tell me this? " Julia sneered and said to Mandy.

She had known that Mandy was biased in favor of Jean. Now that she knew that she was not Mandy's daughter, she naturally understood the reason why she was so biased, but she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Mandy looked at Julia coldly and asked, "Tell me. What did y

t to ask you, who is the woman in the photo and what does she have to do with me?" Julia asked aggressively.

"She is just a mistress who destroys other people's marriage. Why should I ask?" Mandy sneered, "Have you heard the nonsense outside? Let me tell you, no matter what they say is a lie. You can't believe it. "

"Really?" Julia sneered, "But what I know is different from what you said."

"I've told you. No matter what they say, it's not true." Mandy frowned and said to Julia, "I'm your mother. Don't listen to the nonsense outside."

Julia took a deep breath to calm herself down. She looked at Mandy in front of her and continued, "Mom, I still call you that because I have always regarded you as my biological mother for so many years. No matter what you have done and no matter how biased you are, I always tell myself that Jean is a sister, and it's natural for you to spoil your sister. I have always been like this to comfort myself and make myself feel better. "

With a bitter smile, Julia continued, "I thought you would always know I am also good as long as I did what I should do."

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