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   Chapter 275 Don't be late

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5731

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"You don't understand." With a sneer, Consuela said to Jasmyn, "No matter how much I don't like Terence, he is much cuter than Jean. What's more, I protect the image of Julia, not Terence's feelings. "

After a pause, Consuela continued, "Jean thought she could destroy Julia by doing this, so I didn't want her happy. "

Only then did Jasmyn understand what Consuela meant.

"Well, take good care of Julia. I'll come back tomorrow morning. " With a sigh, Consuela said to Jasmyn, "Julia was a very big headache! "

After Consuela left, Jasmyn stayed by the side of Julia' bed. It was not until the second day that Julia woke up.

She didn't remember what happened last night at all, let alone how she came back.

She pushed Jasmyn, who was sleeping by her bed, and said to her, "Jasmyn, last night How did I come back? "

"Julia, you are awake. " Seeing that iris had woken up, Celine smiled. She looked at her and said, "about what happened last night Do you really forget everything? "

"Last night..." It occurred to Julia that she didn't know where to go after meeting Zoey, so she went to the bar to get drunk. She thought she could numb herself with alcohol and forget those unhappy things by doing so, but it was impossible.

She still remembered the pain in her heart.

"I was drunk last night Did I do something out of line? " Julia asked worriedly.

A wry smile appeared on Jasmyn's face. When she was about to say something, the door was opened. Then, Consuela appeared at the door of Julia' room with breakfast. "You don't remember anything. I and Jasmyn have been worried about you for the whole night. You'd better drink less next time when you go out, in case your sister takes adv

ce, "Terence, who are you to me? Why should I give you an explanation? "

She looked at Terence and continued, "Don't forget that you have a fiancee. Aren't you afraid that she will know that you are pestering me now?"

"I..." Seeing that, Terence smiled bitterly. He was about to explain his relationship with Jean, but was interrupted by Jasmyn.

"Julia, listen to me. It's not what you think. Jean and I are just..."

"Julia." Jasmyn ran over with her phone and stood in front of Julia, panting. "A call for you. "

Ignoring Terence, Julia took the phone and looked at the caller ID, frowning.

It was a call from Mandy. Since she knew that the relationship between her and Mandy was not a real mother and daughter, Julia had always been strange. She hesitated for a moment and answered the phone without caring about Terence. "Hello?"

"Where are you, Julia?" Mandy said fiercely, "I have something to tell you."

Holding the phone in her hand, she hadn't talked to her yet, but she came to find her.

"I also have something to talk to you." "I'll send you the address. Don't be late," Julia said to Mandy with a sneer.

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