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   Chapter 274 Explanation

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Jean sneered.

Consuela glared at her. Even if she wasn't here just now, she could imagine what had happened.

Bob didn't want to get involved in the matter, so he said to Terence, "Then Well, I've told you anything, can I leave now? "

"You can leave now." Jean said, "It has nothing to do with you. "

With a joyful look at Jean, Bob was about to leave, but Consuela stopped him. "Stop! "

"Everyone present here..." Bob turned around and asked, "What did I do wrong? Can you stop torturing me like this? "

"I just want to ask you one thing." "You can leave as soon as you answer," said Consuela flatly.

Bob frowned slightly. He knew that he couldn't leave if he didn't answer this question. He nodded and said to Consuela, "You ask. "

"You said you are Julia' boyfriend, right? " Seeing Bob nod, Consuela smiled and continued, "Then There is a birthmark on the back of Julia' waist. You must have seen it, right? "

Bob was stunned. It was the first time he had seen Julia, and he hadn't put his lust into action yet. How could he know it?

He instinctively looked at Jean. For some reason, he just felt that Jean would help him.

Consuela blocked the eye contact between them.

Sweat began to form on Bob's forehead. He stared at Consuela, not knowing what to say.

"What's wrong? It was such a simple question. Why did she think about it for so long? Or You don't know at all and what you said before is nonsense. "

If Bob admitted that he was talking nonsense, Terence would not let him go. So he said with a cold face, "What I said is true. Why did I lie? "

Terence and said, "It doesn't matter what others think of me, as long as you believe me. "

"Okay, okay." Embarrassed, Terence pushed her away and said, "I believe you. Let's go. I'll drive you home. "

Satisfied, Jean smiled.

In Julia's house, Consuela and Jasmyn took a long time to help her get on the bed. Jasmyn twisted a towel and carefully wiped her face. Sitting next to her, Consuela frowned and asked, "What's wrong with Julia? It's rare for her to drink like this. "

"I don't know." Jasmyn smiled bitterly. "I'm afraid we won't know what happened until Julia wakes up. "

Looking at Consuela with embarrassment, Jasmyn said, "Luckily, you're here today. Otherwise, I really don't know how to deal with Jean. "

With a sneer, Consuela said, "You have to pick on her weakness to deal with such a person. You can destroy whatever she cares about. As time goes by, she won't dare to go against you. "

"I know..." Jasmyn nodded awkwardly. "But I still don't understand. You hate Mr. Terence very much. Why do you still explain for Julia? "

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