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   Chapter 177 Let's Wait Until The Truth Comes Out

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Looking at Ada in front of him, Holley hesitated for a long time, but finally shook his head and said, "No, thanks. How can I not believe you, Ada? "

Ada breathed a sigh of relief. She patted on his shoulder and said, "Well, don't think too much. Have a good rest tonight. There will be other activities tomorrow. "

"Okay, I know. " Holley nodded slightly. Ada left at ease, after Ada sent Holley home. Seeing that Ada left, Holley went upstairs, took a shower and changed into a suit. Then Holley went straight to the hotel that Julia told him.

No matter what Ada said, Holley would keep his promise to Julia.

After hanging up the phone, iris went to the hotel. When she arrived at the door, there were already many reporters gathering. The shutters kept flashing towards her. She didn't like it.

"Miss Gu, look here."

"Miss Gu, smile."

Because Julia was the female supporting role of this play, the media took a few more photos. She made a few pose and was about to leave, but the reporters were not satisfied with this.

"Miss Gu, what do you think of the TV play 'The Wrong Marriage'? " A reporter asked.

"My feeling..." Julia smiled and said, "Actually, I can only say that I've tried my best to act well in every play. I hope you can keep your mouth shut while watching TV. After all, the roles in the play are really bad. "

Julia said it in a joking way, the reporters were amused by her words.

When Julia was about to leave, a reporter asked, "Miss Gu, you came here alone? Don't you have a partner? "


"Of course not!" Just as Julia was about to speak, she heard Holley's voice from behind. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw Holley appear in front of her.

Holley was like a savior descending from t

After a pause, Holley continued, "In my impression, Julia is a very dedicated actress. In order to shoot a good play, she can stay up for a few days and nights, even she is sick. I believe that this play will not let everyone down. "

Holley's words drew everyone's attention back. Julia looked at him gratefully.

But as for the reporters, they have never been interested in these things. A voice came out of nowhere and asked Holley, "We all know that Miss Gu was deeply involved in scandals some time ago. We want to know, Mr. He, what do you think of this matter? "

Hearing this, the surrounding reporters were excited.

With a long face, Julia took Holley's hand and wanted to leave, trying to avoid this topic.

Ada warned her again and again, just because she was afraid that Julia would affect him?

However, Holley stopped her. He smiled and said frankly to the reporters, "I have known Julia for a long time. I know her well. She is definitely not that kind of girl. She is simple, kind and filial. I believe there must be some misunderstanding in this matter, so..."

Holley smiled and continued, "I'll wait with Julia until the truth comes out. "

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