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   Chapter 174 Too Easygoing

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"Stop it, Fiona!" Said Eric.

Without paying any attention to Eric, Fiona continued, "Julia, I really like this cheongsam. I grew up abroad and have no resistance to these things with Chinese characteristics. I won't do that if I have a way, but..."

"I'm talking to you. Do you hear me?" Eric pulled Fiona away and said apologetically to Julia, "I'm really sorry, Julia. You don't have to talk to her."

"It's okay." Said Julia indifferently. Seeing that Eric got angry with Fiona because of this, she felt really sorry.

"What's wrong with me?" Fiona shook off Eric's hand discontentedly and said to Eric, "It's not that I don't want to pay. I just discussed with Julia. Is there any problem?"

"You are not discussing. You are..." Eric was too angry to speak.

However, Fiona didn't care at all. She held Julia's hand intimately and said to her, "Julia, can you..."

"Since you like it so much, I will..." Since Fiona had said so, Julia had no choice but to give up.

Eric had helped her a lot, and Fiona was Eric's fiancée It was she who returned the favor to Eric.

Before she could finish her words, Fiona held Julia's hand happily and said, "Thank you so much, Julia. Don't worry. I'll pay two times the price of this cheongsam. I won't let you suffer any loss."

"No, thanks." Julia said slightly, "Take this cheongsam. Just take it as It's my gift for you. "

"No way!" After hesitating for a long time, Fiona finally paid the original price. She happily went to the fitting room to try on the cheongsam. While she was trying on it, Eric said to Julia, "Julia, you really don't have to give up. She is just like a sister I know, not my fiancée.

asure her body, pointed at a design drawing and said to Julia, "Do you like this one? It's the style I've studied recently and I haven't made it yet. You have a good figure. It must be more suitable for you than the one just now."

"Thank you. That's it." Julia smiled.

"You are just too easy-going." Selina had no choice but to choose several different clothes for Julia. She complained, "That girl was like this just now. If I were you, I would have scolded her to death. How could I give my clothes to her? I remember you told me that you liked that cheongsam very much. "

"Yes." Julia smiled bitterly, "It doesn't matter. I believe that you will make me a more beautiful one."

"Of course." Selina smiled and said, "You'd better be more careful in the future. Don't be so silly. I have reminded you before in the crew, but I didn't expect you to still be like this."

"Okay, I know." "This one," said Julia with a smile

Selina knew Julia when she was in the crew. At that time, she was in charge of the costume of the crew. By chance, the two of them got together and had a good relationship.

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