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   Chapter 170 Bella

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"In fact, it's not a big deal..." Julia hesitated and didn't know how to say to Holley, "It's just Tomorrow is the wrap party. Can you be my partner if you have time? "

"Tomorrow?" Holley was overjoyed to hear what Julia said, but he frowned as soon as he heard the time.

"What's wrong? Are you busy? " Looking at Holley in front of her, Julia said, "If you have something to do, just forget it. Don't delay your business."

"I have an interview tomorrow. I don't know when it will end." Holley frowned slightly. If Julia had told him this earlier, he wouldn't have agreed to any interview.

"It doesn't matter." Although it was shameful to attend the party alone, it was better than to delay Holley's important matter. Julia added, "If you have something to do, I can go there alone."

"How about this?" Holley frowned slightly and said to Julia, "I will come here after the interview tomorrow. Can you go there alone?"

"Okay." Julia nodded. She couldn't think of anyone else to be her partner except for Holley.

It was a rare chance for Julia and Holley to have a meal together. They had a lot to talk about, but on the way, Holley's agent Ada called him away.

Holley looked at Julia apologetically and said, "I'm really sorry, Julia. I..."

"It doesn't matter. Go ahead." "What's the relationship between the two of us? How can I not know you?" Julia said considerately.

"That's good." Holley smiled, "I have to go. I'll treat you to dinner next time to make an apology."

"Okay." Julia smiled.

Armed to the teeth, Holley walked out of the restaurant with his head down. The nanny van was already waiting for him at the door. Ada was seeing that Holley got in the car, took off his sunglasses and hat. Holley asked Ada,

Ada said coldly.

"Ada, I..." Holley still wanted to defend for Julia, but Ada didn't want to listen to Holley at all. She looked at him coldly and said, "Anyway, remember, from now on, stay away from Julia, otherwise..."

After saying that, Ada leaned against the side and closed her eyes for rest. Holley had no choice but to give up.

He turned his head to look out of the window and saw the huge billboard of Bella. He couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Since that incident, Holley had been avoiding meeting with Bella. He never accepted any of her TV series, nor did he go wherever she appeared.

He thought he could completely forget about Bella in this way, but when he saw her billboard, he realized that in fact, he had never forgotten about it.

Although Ada was his agent, he was more like his sister. He knew that Ada did everything for him, and that was why Holley didn't want to quarrel with Ada.

Holley would never give up Julia. But now, Ada was very excited, so he decided to talk about it after she calmed down.

Holley thought that maybe he should ask Ada to meet Julia. When she knew about Julia, she would definitely like her.

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