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   Chapter 169 Finish With Film Shooting

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"I see." Terence slightly nodded. "That’s good. Buying a house is an investment than renting one."

Jean agreed. To prove to Sandra that she was good enough for Terence, she had spent a lot of money.

But it didn’t matter since she used Julia’s money.

"Well then, I’m going inside now." Jean smiled. "I’ll invite you home for dinner after I buy a new house."

"Sure, I’ll be there," Terence replied casually.

The moment Jean turned around, the smile on her face quickly disappeared. Being bugged by the thought of Julia and Terence's relationship made her feel upset.

"You’re back at the right time. I’ve made chicken soup for you. Wash your hands and have some." Mandy welcomed Jean hurriedly.

"I have no appetite," Her voice sounded lame.

"What’s wrong?" Mandy came to her in a rush. "I saw through the window that Terence dropped you off. Why are you unhappy?"

"Yes, he sent me back. But it means nothing. Your daughter has been to his house, leaving a pair of slippers in his shoe cabinet. In Terence’s eyes, I’m nothing!" Jean sneered.

"You mean Julia?" Mandy was shocked. "It’s impossible. I’ve warned Julia to stay away from Terence."

"What did you say?" asked Jean with a frown.

Knowing that she had made a slip of the tongue, Mandy decided to tell Jean the whole story. "Julia promised me that she wouldn’t look for Terence again," she admitted.

"Mom, do you really think she is an obedient daughter? That she will listen and obey you? She is a hypocrite!" Jean scoffed. "I’ve been trying so hard to get together with Terence for a long time, and I was about to succeed. I didn’t expect that Julia would mess up the situation again."

"That bitch!" After hearing what Jean vented out, Mandy turned mad. "How da

ooting is over, I hope we are still friends," he added.

"Of course!" Julia gave him a very friendly smile.

It was only a few months, but Julia felt as if she had lived for a lifetime.

Her role in the play ended up with a miserable death, which was arranged by Jean. She had to bite the bullet to finish the shooting even though she felt uncomfortable. However, the love triangle among her, Terence, and Jean had just begun.

She didn’t know what would happen in the future, nor did she dare to think about it.

Looking at the crew, Julia felt nostalgic and a little bit empty inside. "Julia!" Suddenly she heard Samuel’s voice behind her.

"Why are you here?" she asked happily.

"I heard that you’ve finished shooting today. Well, congratulations! Do you have time? Let’s have dinner together," Samuel said with a smile.

"Sure!" Julia smiled back at him. "I happen to have something to ask you for help."

They found a Sichuan Cuisine restaurant. Samuel took off his hat and sunglasses with relief when they entered a private room. "Oh, it’s much more comfortable."

He looked at Julia. "By the way, you said you need my help. What’s the matter?"

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