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   Chapter 167 Private Detective

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When Julia was filming, she received a call from a private detective introduced by Eric. He asked her to see him tonight, and Julia agreed without hesitation.

At the appointed time, Julia had been waiting in the coffee shop for a long time. She saw a handsome young man coming in.

Yes, he was a handsome young man.

He looked around and walked towards Julia when he saw her.

Julia looked carefully at the boy in front of her and was in a daze.

She thought all the private detectives were wearing long clothes, trousers, peaked cap and sunglasses, but the one in front of her... The boy, obviously, changed her understanding of private detective.

The boy looked at Julia in front of him and asked casually, "You are Julia."

"It's me." It was not until then that Julia came to her senses and asked the boy in front of her, "You are..."

"Hello, I think Eric has mentioned me to you. My name is Zoey, and you can call me Zoey." Zoey said to Julia indifferently.

"Hello." After being stunned for a long time, Julia still couldn't believe that the big boy in front of her was a private detective. She took a sip of coffee and asked Zoey, "You Are you really a private detective? "

"Is this how Eric introduced me?" Zoey asked Julia, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes..." Julia didn't notice anything wrong with Zoey. She nodded slightly and asked, "Isn't it true?"

"…… Yes. " Zoey gnashed his teeth and said to Julia, "How about Tell me why you asked me to come here."

"Oh, yes, I almost forget." Julia was entangled with Zoey's appearance, but she believed in Eric. He would never introduce an unreliable person to her, so she took out the document with her an

that she is defeated by such a girl, she will not let it go." Said Zoey.

"What do you know?" Eric frowned and said to Zoey, "No matter how beautiful and rich Fiona is, in my heart, she is no match for Julia."

Eric glanced at Zoey and said, "Don't be so careless. When you meet the girl you like, you will know it. Liking someone has nothing to do with appearance and family background. You just want to see her and see her smile..."

"Okay, okay..." When he heard what Eric said, he felt headache. He really didn't understand why everyone liked to fall in love and it was so good to be free.

He looked at Eric and said, "You don't have to tell me that. I have never been interested in falling in love, but I have to remind you that since Fiona is at home now, you'd better be careful."

After a pause, he continued, "She has been spoiled by her family since she was a child. She must get whatever she wants, and you can't always be with her, so..."

"Don't worry. I know what to do." Eric said lightly.

"Well, I'll go first." Zoey was satisfied, "If I find out anything..."

"Give it to me first."

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