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   Chapter 161 Stand Out

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Eugen pretended to sigh and said to Jean, "I wanted to do you a favor, but I didn't expect that you don't need it. Well..."

Hearing what Eugen said and thinking about what happened last night, Jean's mind was in a mess. She grabbed the contract from Eugen's hand, and then signed her name. She said to Eugen in front of her, "I've signed the contract, but Mr. Eugen, don't forget what you promised me."

"Don't worry. I will do a good job for you." Looking at the contract in his hand, Eugen smiled with satisfaction.

When she left the crew, Julia was still filming. She glared at Julia.

'I'll let you be complacent for a few more days. And then you'll know your result.'

Julia didn't know what on earth Jean wanted to do. As the shooting was about to come to an end, the crew was under a lot of pressure to catch up with the progress. After a whole day's work, she was exhausted. She had planned to go back to the hotel to take a shower and relax. But she didn't expect that when she and Jasmyn walked to the door of the hotel, they saw Mandy, who was standing at the door and looking around.

The smile on her face froze all of a sudden.

Jasmyn also saw Mandy. Thinking of what Mandy had done to Julia and how Mandy had worked with Jean to deal with her, Jasmyn was furious.

She glanced at Julia beside her and said, "Julia, wait here for a moment. I'll drive her away right now."

She really didn't know why Mandy had the face to come here.

Jasmyn was about to step forward, but was stopped by Julia. Julia smiled bitterly and said to Jasmyn, "Forget it. It's my mother after all. I'll go."

As soon as Julia finished her words, she walked towards Mandy. Jasmyn was worried about her, so she followed Julia.

"Mom..." Man

nd of person you are talking about. She is talking nonsense. You don't know her at all. Why are you talking nonsense here..."

Seeing the smile on Mandy's face, Julia pulled Mandy up to a corner where no one was around except for a dim street lamp.

She saw that Mandy stopped crying and looked at her complacently.

She felt terrible, but she still asked Mandy, "What the hell do you want to do?"

"What do I want? Didn't I make it clear just now? " Mandy sneered and said to Julia, "I don't have any other requests. I just hope that you can cut off contact with Terence as soon as possible. You know, Jean really likes Terence, and they are dating now. You intervened in her relationship three years ago, and now... It's time to give Terence back to Jean. "

Mandy looked at Julia coldly and continued, "You said you and Terence have divorced. Why do you have to do that? Just be a good person and give a chance to Terence and Jean. Jean is your sister. You should be more tolerant. "

"Just because she is my sister, no matter what I say or do, I should let her go, shouldn't I?" When Julia said this, she felt like her heart was bleeding.

It hurt.

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