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When she was at a loss, Jean suddenly stood up and said to Sandra, "Granny Sandra, it's late. You should go to bed early. I... I'm leaving. "

"So soon?" Sandra frowned slightly, took Jean's hand and said, "I haven't talked enough with you."

Sandra and Jean got along well. The two of them had a lot to talk about.

"No hurry." Jean said with a smile, "I'll talk to you when I'm free. Is that okay?"

"Okay, okay. I'll wait for you." Sandra said with a smile, "Terence, you have to leave anyway. By the way... Send Jean back too. "

"Got it." Terence nodded slightly. He went out first, followed by Julia and Jean.

After arriving at Terence's car, Julia wisely sat in the back seat, while Jean sat in the passenger seat.

There was an awkward silence in the car. Jean smiled and suddenly asked, "Julia the shooting of 'The Wrong Marriage' is about to begin. Have you thought about who will be your partner at the party?"

Julia was stunned for a moment, and then said, "Not yet. Why do you ask this?"

"I just care about you." Jean smiled, "In fact, I think Mr. Eugen is a good man. You can ask him if you want. I think he will agree."

"My business Don't need you to worry." Said Julia coldly.

Hearing this, Jean didn't get angry. She smiled and said, "I'm also concerned about you. Terence has promised to be my partner. You're my sister, and it's inevitable for others to compare you with him. I'm doing this for your sake."

Julia looked out of the window silently.

The three of them seldom sat in the same car like this, and even Terence didn't say anything.

However, Jean didn't give up. She looked at the wrong direction of the car and asked, "Terence, is this... Where are you going? "

When they came out of Chen'

, what do you mean by a man sleeping with his ex-wife after divorce?" Asked Jean suddenly.

"Well..." After being stunned for a long time, Mandy didn't expect that Jean would ask such a question. She frowned slightly and said, "Either he has feelings for that woman, or... It's that bitch who keeps pestering that man. Men are animals that think with their lower parts of their bodies. Come to them. They don't give up in vain. "

Looking at Jean in front of her, Mandy suddenly realized, "You mean that Julia and Terence..."

"Yes!" Jean sneered, "In the bathroom of Chen's house today. I heard the two of them... This bitch, Julia, has divorced, but still can't forget Terence. I must teach her a lesson. "

She wanted to let Julia know that Terence was the man Jean fell in love with. Julia couldn't touch her things casually.

"How is that possible?" Frowning tightly, Mandy said to Jean, "When the two of them were not divorced, Terence seldom went home. Why did he do that things after they divorced?"

"It must be that bitch, Julia, who seduced Terence." Jean said surly, "This shameless bitch can do such a thing in the bathroom. It's disgusting."

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