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   Chapter 154 No Right to Refuse

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5788

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"My grandson is good at talking." When Sandra heard Terence's words, she finally had a smile on her face. He took Terence's hand and said to Terence, "I told you that I ran into a thief when I went to pray two days ago. A girl helped me take my wallet back. Do you remember?"

"Of course I do." Terence nodded slightly. He was shocked when he received the call from the driver. He took Sandra to the hospital to have a check. After confirming that Sandra was fine, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Terence looked at Sandra confusedly, wondering why she suddenly mentioned it.

"Grandma, why did you mention it all of a sudden?" Terence asked in confusion.

"The girl who helped me take my wallet back is Jean. In order to help me take my wallet back, her hand was injured. Today is my birthday. I just want to invite her to have a meal to express my gratitude to her. Is there anything wrong?" Sandra's words made Tina's face darken.

She didn't expect that the girl that Sandra praised so much was actually Jean.

Standing next to Sandra, Jean didn't say anything until Sandra finished her words. "Granny Sandra, in fact, I'm not here to ask you to thank me. This is a gift I bought for you... Since Aunt Tina doesn't welcome me, I'm leaving now. Happy birthday, Granny Sandra. "

"Wait a minute." Seeing that Jean was about to leave, Granny Sandra pulled her back and said coldly, "If anyone dares to drive you away today, I'll go with you."

"Mom..." Tina frowned, "Do you have to make things like this?"

She had been happy to celebrate Sandra's birthday, but now it turned out to be like this.

"It's you who made things like this." Sandra continued, "It was supposed to be a good birthday party, but you insisted

he door with one hand.

She raised her head and saw Terence. She turned to Terence and said, "I'm going to leave. You..."

Before she could finish her words, Terence pushed the bathroom door open, blocked Julia in the bathroom and locked the door.

"What do you want to do?" As soon as Julia opened her mouth, her mouth was gagged.

Terence held Jean tightly on the shoulder and carried her to the wash basin. He was so strong that he couldn't allow Julia to refuse.

Her eyes widened. Although she did have an improper relationship with Terence, Julia really didn't want to be in such a situation today.

So she took a deep bite, hoping to wake Terence up.

The air was filled with the smell of blood. Instead of waiting for Terence to give up, the blood made Terence more excited. He went straight to the bottom of Julia's dress and slipped into her legs.

Frightened, Julia tried her best to hold back Terence's hand, tears streaming down her face. "Don't Don't be here... "

"When did you have the right to refuse?" Terence sneered, completely ignoring Julia's feelings.

His hands were so cold that Julia couldn't help shivering.

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