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   Chapter 150 Call

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Jean sighed and said to Sandra, "In fact, I contacted with Terence after I came back. Terence asked me to live in his wedding room with Julia. Although we are only friends now, I'm satisfied to see him often."

With a bitter smile, Jean continued, "But... When Auntie Tina found out that I lived there, she insisted that it was me who caused Julia's divorce with Terence. She regarded me as a mistress who destroyed their marriage and drove me out of that house. "

"Did you mean Tina had already known what happened between you and Terence?" Granny Sandra felt that things were getting more and more chaotic.

"Yes." Jean nodded slightly and said to Granny Sandra, "Actually... It's not that I can't afford a house. As you can see, I have my own company now. I shamelessly live in Terence's house just to get close to him. If it weren't for... Why should I do that now? "

"Granny..." Holding Sandra's hand, Jean said to Sandra, "I don't have any other requests. I just want Can you help me explain to Aunt Tina? I'm really not the kind of person she thinks. "

"Tina is getting more and more unruly." Sandra said with a frown.

Sandra cast a glance at Jean and said with a frown, "Jean, I know you are a good girl, but You and Terence are really not the right person for each other. Don't worry. I will explain to Tina. But please don't badger with Terence any more. Whether it's for you or for Terence, breaking up is the best way for you. "

Jean was worried. She knew she had been too anxious today, so she took a deep breath and said to Sandra, "Granny, I know what you mean, but... You only have one grandson. I think you also want him to be happy, right? "

"Of course." Sandra frowned and said, "I'm old enough to do anything, but Terence is my only grandson. Of course I want him to be happy."

"You h

g for her. If she annoyed Terence, he would do anything.

So no matter how hard it was to say, Julia opened her mouth, "Director David, I have something urgent to deal with. I... Can you ask for two hours' leave? "

"What's wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable? " Director David asked worriedly.

Although Julia was a relative of Jean, Julia had proved herself with her strength and dedicated attitude during this period of time. Director David believed that he would be willing to cooperate with her next time.

"Yes..." In order to keep the appointment, Julia had to lie.

"If you really don't feel well, you can go to rest first. I'll take other scenes. Don't exhaust yourself." Director David said sensibly.

Although she felt guilty, Julia had no choice. Julia didn't even change her clothes and rushed to the hotel that Terence had booked.

As soon as she knocked on the door, a big hand reached out and dragged Julia into the room.

Terence pressed her against the door, with his hot chest against her body.

"I I want to take a shower first. " Although the relationship between the two had already had sex with each other, seeing Terence's eight pack abs, Julia unconsciously blushed.

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