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   Chapter 149 Don't You Know

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Because of the incident with Julia, Jean was already in a bad mood. Besides, she couldn't concentrate on her work. As such, several misfortunes had befallen her so in the early morning.

Knock! Knock! When Jean was about to drink some water to relax, her secretary knocked at the door.

Jean put down the cup impatiently and shouted towards the door, "What's wrong this time? Didn't I told you not to bother me if there is nothing important?"

"Miss Gu, there is an elderly madam outside. She says she is looking for you," said the secretary.

"Does she have an appointment?" asked Jean with a perplexed expression.

"No, but..."

Before the secretary finished his words, Jean impatiently interrupted, "Why are you allowing someone to see me without an appointment? Is this the first day you work as a secretary? Don't you know how to deal with this situation? Do you need me to teach you?"

"No, I..." The secretary felt wronged. Since she realized that Jean was in a bad mood, she gave up.

After she turned around, the secretary was about to ask the guest to leave. However, the door of Jean's office was pushed open.

The secretary said in a hurry, "Miss Gu, I'm going to ask her to leave now. Please..."

"Wait. What did you say? There's an old madam who came to see me?" A figure flashed through her mind, so Jean hurriedly stopped the secretary.

"Yes." The secretary nodded. "The madam doesn't have an appointment. However, she has your business card, so I..."

"Where is she?" After she heard what the secretary said, Jean became more certain who that madam was. Jean had been looking forward to her for such a long time. Finally, the opportune moment came.

Jonny led Jean to the meeting room. When Jean saw the familiar back, a smile appeared on her face. "Go and get a cup of coffee," she told the secretary. Then she said to the guest, "Please ha

l never be like Julia."

"But that's not right. You are Julia's sister. Although I don't want to admit it, Julia and Terence did have a marriage. If you end up with him and the news spreads, it will be Terence who will lose face. Additionally, it will ruin the reputation of the whole Chen family." Sandra furrowed her eyebrows. She did have a good impression of Jean. However, compared with Terence, Jean was meaningless.

"Granny..." Jean passionately held Sandra's hands. "Only a few people know about Julia's marriage with Terence. Besides, I was the one who was engaged to him three years ago. I should be the one who got married to him. Well, now, I just want everything to get back on track."

With eager eyes, Jean looked at Sandra and continued, "Granny, I am in love with Terence. I'm willing to do anything for him. I just hope you can give me a chance. My relationship with Terence will inevitably improve in the future. I don't want to give up on Terence just because of someone else."

"Someone else? What do you mean by that?" asked Sandra with a frown.

"Granny, you don't know?" Jean faked a shocked appearance. "I thought you had already known what happened between Terence and me."

"What happened?" Sandra grew more confused.

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