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   Chapter 145 When will It Come to An End

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 6034

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"By accident?" Lisa sneered, "I don't think... As if someone had torn it apart? "

Lisa looked at Julia calmly, as if she had discovered a secret about Julia, waiting for her explanation quietly.

In fact, no matter how hard Julia explained, Lisa couldn't change her mind.

Julia's face darkened. She felt wronged and bitter when she was raped by Terence, but she couldn't compare with the embarrassment in front of Lisa.

Waiting for Julia's answer for a long time, Lisa couldn't help but sneer, "What's wrong? Do you have nothing to say? "

Taking a deep breath, Julia said to Lisa, "I don't care what you say, but what the truth is... I have a clear conscience. "

Is that true? Of course not.

But in front of Lisa, Julia had no choice.

After saying that, she ran away, leaving Lisa alone.

At first, Jasmyn wanted to go to the hospital with Julia, but she was told to stay in the film crew by Julia. If there was anything wrong, she would call Julia. Jasmyn called Julia many times, but her phone was always powered off.

Seeing that Julia had come back, she hurried up to her and said, "Julia, why is your phone powered off? I've called you so many times. Why..."

At the beginning of her words, Jasmyn saw the appearance of Julia at the moment. She widened her eyes and said, "Julia, you..."

"I'm fine." After what had happened just now, Julia was already exhausted, and she was not in the mood to continue to explain. She smiled bitterly and said to Jasmyn, "I don't know where the phone fell. Go and get me a dress to change."

"Okay." Knowing that Julia was unwilling to talk more, Jasmyn didn't ask more.

After shooting today's scene, when Julia was about to buy a mobile phone, Jasmyn came over with a box and handed it to Julia.

"What's this?" Julia asked Jasmyn,

After a pause, Julia asked Terence on the phone, "What do you mean? Why did you send me a phone? "

"Nothing else." Terence sneered and said to Julia, "As my woman, I won't let you suffer any loss. I broke the phone, so it's my responsibility to compensate you, and..."

"And what?" Julia bit her lips and tried her best to restrain her emotions.

"And you don't have a cell phone now, so it's not so convenient to contact you. If I need you, I can't find you. At least I can find you at any time with a cell phone." Terence sneered and continued, "Remember to turn on your phone twenty-four hours a day. Don't make me unable to find you."

Julia smiled bitterly. She knew that Terence would never be so kind to her.

"I see." Although feeling uncomfortable, Julia had to agree.

After hanging up the phone, she lay on the bed in the hotel room, her mind in a mess. What happened during the period of separation from Terence was like a dream to her. She had thought that it would be good if she woke up from the dream, but she didn't expect that the nightmare came one after another, and it didn't seem to stop.

She was really tired. She didn't know when such a day would come to an end.

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