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   Chapter 137 Are You Going to Set Yourself against Me

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Updated: 2020-05-10 00:14

Hearing this, Mandy looked even more embarrassed.

"Mom, you can go upstairs first. I want to have a talk with Auntie alone." Jean said to Mandy. But Mandy refused, "Jean, you..."

"Okay, I'm fine." After seeing off Mandy, Jean sat next to Tina and said to Tina, "Auntie, since you are here, then You can ask me if you want to know anything. I won't hide it from you. "

"It's good that you think so. Although Julia and Terence haven't been married for a long time, Anyway, Terence is your brother-in-law. I hope you can behave yourself and don't do anything to embarrass yourself." Tina said rudely, but the expression on Jean's face didn't change at all because of Tina's words.

She smiled and said to Tina, "Aunt, do you think... Terence divorced Julia for me, didn't you?"

"Didn't it?" Tina frowned and said to Jean, "I've found out that the time you came back was exactly the time when they divorced. Although they had been quarreling all these years, they never said that they would divorce. Why did they divorce when you came back? Besides, it's said on the newspaper that you and Terence have begun to choose rings. Is it also fake? Now you are hanging out with Terence every day. How dare you say that you have no idea at all? "

Tina looked at Jean and said, "Jean, I know you have more ideas since you were a child, but they two... One is your sister, and the other is your brother-in-law. Don't you feel guilty for doing so?"

"Aunt, it's not what you said. I..."

"So what?" Tina didn't give in and said, "Tell me."

With a sigh, Jean pretended to be innocent and said, "You should know that I was the one who got married to Terence three years ago."

"So what?" Tina frowned and said, "You said it happened thre

face, but it quickly disappeared.

She looked at Tina indifferently, but said nothing.

"What? You don't agree? " Tina said with a sneer.

"Auntie, I won't promise you on this." Jean said to Tina apologetically, "In the past three years when I went abroad, I tried my best to force myself to forget everything between me and Terence. I told myself that he was my brother-in-law and I couldn't do anything to hurt Julia. I thought they would be happy as long as I left. But as you see, it turned out to be like this."

After a pause, Jean continued, "I thought I was ready, but the moment I saw Terence, I knew that I had never forgotten him in the past three years. I believe that he is the same as me."

"Now that Julia and Terence have divorced, he has the right to pursue his own happiness, and so do I. So I'm sorry, I won't agree to your request." Jean looked at Tina in front of her and said lightly, "I love Terence. The mistake three years ago has been corrected now. It took me a lot of efforts to wait for this opportunity. I really... Can't give up."

"You..." Tina was so angry that she asked, "Are you going to set yourself against me?"

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