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   Chapter 132 Make It A Big Deal

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"Well..." Julia frowned awkwardly and didn't agree to Tina's request.

Tina frowned and pulled a long face. "Julia, are you Are you unwilling to agree me? Although you and Terence have broken up, I still treat you as my daughter. Don't you think I treat you well? "

"No, auntie, I didn't mean that." With a bitter smile, Julia said to Tina, "I just think After all, I have broken up with Terence. He will have a girlfriend in the future. I don't want to get involved in their affairs, so... "

"It's doesn't matter. " Tina let out a sneer and said to Julia, "No matter who he will be with in the future, it's impossible to change the reality of his second marriage. If that girl is not generous enough, I think it's better to separate as soon as possible. Anyway, you are my daughter from now on, and you are the sister of Terence. Do you understand? "

Tina said resolutely. Julia knew that even if she refused again, Tina would never concede, so she had to agree.

Indeed, she had some misgivings, but these were all because of Jean, not Tina.

To be honest, since she married Terence, Tina had indeed treated her as her own daughter. Once there was a conflict between her and Terence, she would definitely help her. But Jean was different. If she knew that she was the adopted daughter of Tina, she would not let it go.

She hesitated for a long time and finally said to Tina, "Aunt, I..."

"Aunt?" Tina frowned.

"Godmother..." Julia had no choice but to change.

"Mother is mother. There is no such thing as godmother. "From now on, you're still the same as before. You just call me mom. " Tina asked impati


"You..." Jasmyn was furious. Although she used to be a servant, it didn't mean that she had no dignity. What happened today was obviously a deliberate provocation from Lisa. No matter how good tempered she was, she couldn't stand it.

When she was about to step forward, Julia stopped Jasmyn.

With an innocent smile, Julia looked at Lisa and said, "Kneel down, right? Okay. "

All the people present were stunned by her words. Julia couldn't agree so easy.

"Are you serious?" Lisa asked in disbelief.

"Don't you mean it? " "Since you want her to kneel down to cool down, I agree. But In order to show our sincerity, I will shoot when Jasmyn kneels down and post it on the Internet. Moreover, I will publicly apologize to you and explain the whole story. In this way, Miss Zheng, can you calm down? "

As soon as Lisa heard what Julia said, she exploded, "What do you mean? Do you want to ruin my reputation now? "

"Of course not." "It was just a small matter. Since Miss Zheng want to make it a big deal, I don't mind making it bigger to show our sincerity. "

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