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   Chapter 131 Just An Expedient

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"Jean, what's wrong with you? Why do you look so bad? " Lisa glanced at Jean and asked.

"Nothing." Jean smiled. Anyway, the divorce was a foregone conclusion. No matter how much Tina liked Julia, it couldn't be changed, so Jean was relieved.

"Didn't you say you were going to the set? Let's go. " Then Jean walked away with Lisa.

Julia found a coffee shop near the crew and ordered a cup of Americano for Tina. Then she ordered a cup of lemonade and played with it in her hand. She didn't dare to look up at Tina in front of her, as if she was a child who had done something wrong.

"Julia, I just knew what happened between you and Terence. I've been back for a while, but I can't find you. I finally heard that you were filming here. What's going on? Why do you have to get divorced? " Tina frowned and asked.

"You Haven't you asked Terence? " Julia raised her head and said to Tina.

"I asked. " Tina forced a smile and said, "But no matter what I say, that brat didn't say a word. Julia, tell me what happened. "

"Aunt Tina, I..." Julia smiled bitterly and didn't know what to say.

"Don't call me aunt. " Tina said impatiently, "I'm used to your calling me mom. "

"It's not appropriate. " Julia waved her hands and said to Tina, "I have divorced with Terence. I can only call you aunt. Besides..."

"What do you want to say? " Tina felt something was wrong. She knew her son very well. He had a deep love for Julia. She didn't know how many times she had seen him peeking at her photos, but he just refused to admit it.

As for Julia, she had watched h

believe you won't blame me, will you?"

"You..." Tina forced a smile and said to Julia, "I just went out for a trip. When I came back, I found that my daughter-in-law was gone. It's really not worth it. "

Seeing the remorseful look on Tina's face, Julia felt a little embarrassed. She looked at Tina and said, "Aunt, please don't do this. Although I have divorced Terence, I still respect you as usual. If you want to talk to me Or if you want to go shopping with me, I will go with you. "

"Then If you can't be my daughter-in-law, just be my daughter. " Tina held her hand and said, "Julia, you should know that I really like you. From the first day you married Terence, I have treated you as my own daughter. I really don't want to be a passer-by with you in the future. "

Tina paused and continued, "Well, I'll take you as my daughter, and you can still call me mom from now on. What do you think? "

Of course, Tina had her own selfish motive for doing so. She didn't want Julia to be separated from Terence. This was just an expedient.

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