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   Chapter 128 Encounter

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Abby had never thought that she would be able to work with Julia so soon. In her opinion, she should be the heroine. After all, she had done so much for this role, and Julia just asked Holley for help?

Why could Julia get what she wanted so easily? She had worked so hard, but in return, she got such a result?

"You Are you telling the truth? " Abby looked at Jean and couldn't believe what she said was true.

"Of course!" Jean sneered, "How could I joke with you on such an important matter?"

"So Did Julia steal my heroine? " Abby began to fall into the trap set by Jean. Jean had done so much to start a war between Julia and Abby so that she could benefit from it.

Jean said with a smile, "It's okay if you think so. Anyway, the leading actress is Julia now, and you... You have offended Mr. Lin again. Do you know how many resources Mr. Lin can give you in a year? Now you have offended him. Not only did you lose a lot of resources, but also my company suffered a great loss. Do you understand? "

Abby always felt that she didn't do anything wrong, but when she came back and heard what Jean said, she suddenly realized that maybe she had really done something wrong.

In this world of rampant sexual desire, eating, drinking and sleeping with each other had already become a normal thing. She had already been unclean, so why did she have to do this?

Thinking of this, she looked at Jean with embarrassment, lowered her head slightly and said to Jean, "Miss Jean, I'm sorry. I didn't know I would bring you so much trouble..."

"Forget it!" Hearing Abby's apology, Jean's anger finally subsided a little. Her original purpose was to provoke Abby's hatred towards Julia, not really to blame Abby. She sighed and said to Abby in front of her, "Now that things have happened, it's not a big deal for

ter the two of them had ordered the dishes, Consuela said to Julia, "Julia, I've already taken on the play 'Prime Minister's Daughter Got Married' for you, but I have to remind you that this play is different from your previous plays. Maybe... It's much harder. "

Looking at Julia worriedly, Consuela said, "Shooting ancient costumes is different from what you used to do. You may need to get up four or five hours early to make up every morning, which is different from the modern movie you are shooting now, and... This play is Jean's, which means you have to face more difficulties than others. "

"I know." Julia smiled and said, "I've thought of this since I promised Holley to take an audition, but it won't hinder me from taking over the play. Consuela, you know, I'm not in high exposure now. Although I played 'The Wrong Marriage', I played as a vicious supporting actress. If I don't take part in the play to prove myself innocent, I'll really lose this job. So anyway I won't give up. "

Hearing what Julia said, a smile finally appeared on Consuela's face. She looked at Julia and said, "It's great that you think so. I'm afraid you'll be willful."

"Don't worry. I won't joke about my career."

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