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   Chapter 126 Enjoy Yourself

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"You You know me? " Abby asked in surprise.

"Of course, didn't Miss Jean tell you?" Mr. Lin looked at Abby in front of him and said, "The advertisement you shot a few days ago was from my company. At that time, I saw the advertisement in the meeting room for only a few seconds and was fascinated by Miss Abby, so I asked Miss Jean to introduce you to me. Miss Abby, I really like you."

"Mr. Lin, you must be kidding." Only then did Abby realize that something was wrong. But since everyone was here, Abby didn't dare to offend Mr. Lin. "I'm just a little girl who has just started her career. I'm not famous. Mr. Lin has so many girls around you. How can you like me?"

"How can they compare with you?" Mr. Lin smiled and held Abby's hand to rub it. He looked at Abby in front of him and said, "The ordinary women are far inferior to Miss Abby."

"Mr. Lin, you Are you kidding me? " Abby wanted to withdraw her hand, but Mr. Lin held it so tightly that she couldn't move at all.

"Forget it. Let's drink." Mr. Lin said with a smile, "Today is the first time we meet... Just take it as a friend. "

Abby didn't think too much and drank up the wine in the glass. She thought that as long as she drank up the wine, Mr. Lin would let her go, but it turned out that it was not the case.

After drinking a glass of wine, she felt dizzy and couldn't lift her eyelids. The next second, she fainted in Mr. Lin's arms.

Seeing Abby pass out, Mr. Lin sneered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm leaving now." Mr. Lin held up Abby and said to the people in the room.

He took Abby to the hotel room. When Abby woke up, it was already the second morning.

She opened her eyes and saw the white ceiling. When she turned around, she was shocked to see Mr. Lin's face. She pulled open the quilt and looked at herself. When she found that she was naked, she knew that there must be something wrong with the gla

w it soon." Mr. Lin said.

Seeing that Mr. Lin didn't seem to be lying, Abby hesitated in her heart. She didn't know if she should believe Mr. Lin or not. When she was hesitating, Mr. Lin said, "I've promised Jean that as long as you sleep with me for one night, I can guarantee that you can show up in 'Prime Minister's Daughter Got Married'. Well, I'll give you the role of the supporting heroine. What do you think?"

With Abby's current reputation, in fact, she wasn't even qualified to play the role of supporting heroine, but Mr. Lin was really afraid. He was afraid that Abby would really call the police. It didn't matter if he spent some money. He was afraid of losing face.

If he went to the police station to play with women, how could he still be in this circle in the future?

Abby didn't say anything, but in her heart, she was also considering that she was not innocent for a long time. In addition, she didn't feel anything last night, so it was not so important for her to hold accountable.

But since she could get a role for what happened last night, the deal could be settled.

Everyone was greedy.

Seeing that Mr. Lin easily gave her the role of the supporting heroine, Abby suddenly felt that everything was under Mr. Lin's command.

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