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   Chapter 125 Barmaid

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Abby felt guilty. No matter what, she had been with Julia these days, and Julia had never been mistreated by her. On the contrary, she had betrayed Julia in the end.

So she really felt guilty.

"Julia, let me explain..." Abby said to Julia in a hurry, "It's not what you think."

The expression on Julia's face was indifferent, as if she didn't care what Abby had done behind her at all. She smiled and said to Abby in front of her, "Abby, is it meaningful for you to say that now?"

She knew that Abby had always wanted to be an actress, but she couldn't help Abby. So she really didn't blame Abby for going to the company of Jean... She was happy for Abby.

At least she was one step closer to her dream.

The only thing she worried about was that Jean hated her so much. She was afraid that Jean was using Abby and would not care about Abby at all.

"Julia, I don't want to." Abby smiled bitterly. To be honest, she would rather be beaten and scolded by Julia.

Abby looked at Julia in front of her and told her how she made an agreement with Jean. After making it clear bit by bit, she said to Julia, "Julia, I really want to be an actress. I really have to be tempted by this opportunity... I hope you won't blame me. "

Julia smiled and said to Abby, "Don't worry. I won't blame you."

Julia sighed and said, "Since you have a better development, I won't stop you, but... This is your own choice. I hope you won't regret it. "

"I'll talk to Consuela. You can leave after you go back and pack up your things." Julia said lightly.

"Julia, I can do it for a few more days. Don't be in such a hurry..." Abby said apologetically to Julia.

Julia smiled and said to Abby, "You think... Will I use you again? Go back and pack up your things. "

The people around her left one after another, which made Julia unhappy.

Fortunately, the sho

sat on Mr. Lin's lap and rubbed in Mr. Lin's arms, looking like she was not good at drinking.

Mr. Lin didn't refuse. He smiled and said, "Look at you. You have drunk too much. Are you drunk?"

"Of course not!" Amy said in a sweet voice, "Mr. Lin, since I'm in such a bad condition, you should give me a chance anyway, right?"

"To tell you the truth, if you had come to me one day earlier, I could have made a decision. But now..." With a bitter smile, Mr. Lin said to Amy, "Now there are only the main heroine and the supporting heroine left in the play... Of course you can't. "

"Why can't I? I..." Amy was in a hurry to explain, but Mr. Lin was unwilling to listen. "Mr. Zhang, take your Amy away."

Since he had spoken, Amy knew that she had no chance, so she had to leave embarrassedly.

Abby, who was standing aside, looked at Mr. Lin in front of him. When she was hesitating how to open her mouth, Mr. Lin took the initiative to propose a toast. "Are you scared? Don't mind. I'm quite familiar with fighting with them. I'm used to it. "

"It doesn't matter." Abby said hurriedly.

"Nice to meet you. Have a drink." Mr. Lin said with a smile, "Miss Abby, you are so beautiful, even more beautiful than you look on TV."

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