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   Chapter 121 Don't Mention Her

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Only by entering a big company like the Starry Sky Media could Julia quickly get up from the bottom of the valley and climb to a position that could compete with Jean as soon as possible.

When Jean came out of the hospital, she was still thinking about Eric. She could tell that the suits all over Eric's body were very expensive. It was not easy for her to think of the name of Eric. With the intention of trying it on, she put Eric's name into the search box.

When she saw the articles, Jean knew that the little fat man she didn't like in the past had become the young and promising president.

When Jean saw that Eric was the president of the Starry Sky Media in H City, she couldn't help biting her lips.

It took her a lot of effort to make Julia lose her reputation in H City, but Julia was really lucky to have such a powerful and influential man as Eric. If he was willing to help, all her efforts these days would be in vain.

No, she couldn't let it happen.

Then Jean called Terence and asked him to have dinner with her tonight. She said that she had something to consult, so he agreed without hesitation.

Jean chose a good environment music restaurant. They could enjoy the band's performance while eating. The atmosphere was very good.

At the appointed time, the wind bell rang at the door. As soon as Jean raised her head, she saw Terence at the door. She hurriedly raised her hand and waved it. When she saw Terence walking towards her, her heart skipped a few beats.

Although there were so many men around Julia, she only wanted Terence to be with her.

"Have you ordered yet?" As soon as Terence sat down, he asked, "I worked overtime. I'm so hungry. "

"Not yet. What do you want to eat?" Jean handed him the menu, "Even if the work is busy, you have to take care of y

and said to Terence, "I met an acquaintance when I went to see my sister. You know him. Guess who he is? "

"I know him?" Terence was stunned and asked, "Who is it? "

"Eric. " "He was our neighbor when we were young. He was so fat that time, but now he is thinner when he grows up, as if he had changed into another person. If he hadn't spoken to me, I wouldn't have recognized him. "

"Really?" Terence lowered his head to eat, apparently not interested in this topic.

But Jean didn't want to miss this rare opportunity. She continued to say to Terence, "I saw that Eric looked at my sister strangely and seemed to be interested in her. I think they are a good match. If they can really be together, it's also a good thing..."

"Clap!" Before Jean finished her words, Terence put down his chopsticks heavily with a cold face.

"What's What's wrong with you? " Although Jean knew that Terence was not feeling well, she still pretended to be frightened and asked timidly, "Is it me Did I say anything wrong? "

"No." Terence came to his senses and said, "I just think that we should not mention Julia in the future. I have nothing to do with her now. I don't care who she likes to be with. "

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