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   Chapter 120 Think Too Much

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"So what? " Eric interrupted her with a frown, "In my heart, you have always been an A-lister. You deserve this price. "

As soon as Eric finished his words, Julia blushed.

Girls liked to listen to these beautiful words, not to mention that Eric said these words sincerely, which did not seem to be joking at all.

But soon, Julia calmed down. She looked at Eric and said, "Eric, I know you said this just to make me happy, but I know my worth now. I I really don't deserve it. "

"Listen to me." It was rare for Eric to be serious. He said to Julia, "I have my own considerations. I just came back to take over the company, and I need my own people. I do this to help you, but I just want to help myself. "

Looking at Julia in front of him, Eric said, "I have difficulty in taking any steps in this company, so Julia, can I ask you for help at that time? "

"But..." Before Julia could say anything more, the door was pushed open all of a sudden. Standing at the door, Consuela said to Eric, "Okay, I agree for her. "

"Consuela, stop it." Julia didn't want to owe such a big favor to Eric. "I won't promise. "

"I'm her agent. I agreed." After dealing with the matter, Consuela was still worried about Julia staying alone in the ward, so she came back in a hurry. She happened to hear what Eric said to Julia.

Fortunately, she came back in time. Otherwise, Julia would have pushed such a good opportunity out.

"That's settled. " Hearing what Consuela said, Eric was overjoyed. He said to Julia, "Sign the contract now. "

"I won't si

a bitter smile, Julia was still worried. "But I'm not famous at all now. I'm afraid I'm afraid that I will cause trouble to Eric after I go there. "

"And He paid too much. I can't do that. "

"You are just thinking too much." Consuela said, "I've told you that you'll become a famous actress in the future. With my help as a top agent and the Starry Sky Media, I believe this day will come soon. "

Holding her hand, Consuela said, "Julia, I know you have a lot of misgivings, but trust me. I won't hurt you, will I? "

"After you leave the hospital, we will go to find Eric and sign the contract. Of course, we have to change the price in it. After all We are not greedy people. When we really deserve this price, we can modify it. Don't you think so? " Since Consuela had said that, it would be hypocritical if Julia didn't agree. After hesitating for a while, she finally nodded and said to her, "Okay, that's it. I won't sign the terms until these terms are changed. "

"Okay, it's up to you." Said Consuela with a smile.

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