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   Chapter 119 Charity

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A chubby figure flashed through her mind, but Jean couldn't connect a fatty boy with the handsome man in front of her.

She pointed at Eric and asked in disbelief, "You Are you that fatty boy? "

Jean had been cautious and arrogant since she was a child. She had never been interested in Eric, let alone remembering his name.

As soon as she said that, she felt it inappropriate. Jean looked at Eric awkwardly and said, "I'm sorry, I really don't remember your name. I only remember that you were fat when you were a child..."

"It doesn't matter." Eric smiled, "It doesn't matter what my name is. Just like me, until now, I only know that your name is Miss Gu. It's fair. "

When Eric talked to Jean, he looked very serious, as if he had changed into another person. And the look on Jean's face was even worse.

'Obviously, they were neighbors. Why Eric was frank so close to Julia? Why did he look like he had a deep grudge against herself?

Why was there always such an excellent man around Julia, first Holley, and now Eric.

But what about me?

Back then, I left Terence and flew away. Now, I came back and tried my best to get Terence back.

After so many years, I hadn't made any progress.'

"You You and my sister are... " Although Jean felt uncomfortable, she still asked. She had to figure out the relationship between Julia and Eric, so that she could find a solution.

"I'm Sweetie Julia' pursuer. " Eric said cheekily, "I liked Sweetie Julia since I was a child, but she hasn't accepted me. But it doesn't matter. I will wait for her all the time. "

After Eric finished his words, Julia became more worried.

"Can you Can you stop talking nonsense? "

"What nonsense am I talking about? I

do you mean? Charity? "

"I don't mean that? I just want to help you. " Eric hurriedly explained to Julia, "Julia, I know your temper. These conditions are beyond your current status, but you believe me, as long as you go through the operations of our company, you will definitely worth the price in the future. You don't have to worry about it. "

"Eric. " Julia sighed and said to Eric, "In fact, I know you want to help me, but This gift is too heavy. I really can't accept it. "

It was Julia's dream to work in the Starry Sky Media. She even regarded it as her goal, but She didn't want to get into there for no reason because of her relationship with Eric.

"Eric, you'd better take back this contract. " With a sigh, Julia put the contract back into Eric's hand.

"Why?" Eric looked at Julia in confusion and said, "Do you think the terms in it are not great? We can discuss these How about this? I'll call a lawyer and draw up a new contract according to your idea. What do you think? "

"Eric, stop it. " With a bitter smile, Julia said, "You should know that I'm not worth that money at all Almost comparable to A-listers. I... "

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