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   Chapter 117 Being Hospitalized Again

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5926

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"But..." Director David was still worried. With a sneer, Eugen said to him, "Director David, don't be hesitant. Miss Julia is a very dedicated actress. She made such a decision for the sake of our play. Don't hesitate."

Although he couldn't punish Julia today... At least, it could make Julia suffer a little, and let her understand that if she offended Eugen, she would not have a good life in this crew.

Julia knew that Eugen was taking the opportunity to revenge, but she didn't blame Eugen.

Even if Eugen didn't open his mouth, she planned to do so. She really liked to act, although this play... It was from Jean, but since she had taken on this play, she didn't intend to act rashly. She would definitely shoot well and show her acting skills to everyone.

The later scene, which was bathed in the rain, was shot five or six times under the disturbance of Eugen. Julia was caught in the rain for five or six times. Although it was just autumn, she was sick, and the water was very cold. It was really uncomfortable to pat her face over and over again. At this time, she could not show any coldness, but more to show her depression.

Director David finally said when they shot the seventh time.

Abby, who was standing aside, hurriedly brought a towel to Julia. But Julia could care about it, she walked to Director David and asked, "Director David, how is it going? Is the one I took just now okay? "

"All right, all right. It's good. Miss Julia, you should go to bed now. Thank you for your hard work today. I won't schedule your play in the next two days. You can have a good rest and come back when you get better." Director David said to Julia.

"Thank you..." Hearing Director David's words, Julia felt relieved and fainted.

"Julia, Julia..." A

Forget it." Julia stopped Consuela and said to her, "It's not a big deal. I only have one chance to cooperate with him. I just want to shoot well and don't want anything bad to happen."

With a smile, Julia continued to say to Consuela, "And... I think after this incident, Eugen should restrain herself. As long as there is nothing wrong between me and him, I don't want to make it a big deal."

"I'm afraid that you want to smooth things over. They don't think so." Consuela said angrily, "You're just too easy-going. Such as the case with Eugen and Terence. If I were you, I would make a good deal of divorcing Terence, and I wouldn't have lived like this."

"Consuela..." Hearing Consuela mentioned the name of Terence, Julia frowned and said, "Stop talking about him."

"What's wrong? Why can't I mention him?" Consuela said crossly, "What a loser!"

"Yes, I am a loser." Julia smiled bitterly. "I don't want him to think that I'm with him for money, so I..."

"Yes, yes, you are noble, you are great, you don't want anything, then what are you left behind in the end?" Consuela said angrily, "Did Terence say anything good to you?"

"I..." Julia was speechless.

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