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   Chapter 114 Scheme

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"You are right." Eugen continued, "I don't know what all these girls thin now. Isn't it good to be natural? Although they look better after plastic surgery, they are not professional at acting. In my opinion, girls like them can't stay in the circle for a long time. "

"You are right." "To tell you the truth, except my sister, none of the actresses in this crew hasn't get cosmetic surgery, including Lisa. ''

"Really?" Eugen looked at Jean, "She is quite natural. I can't see it at all. "

"Yes." Jean nodded, "So I said that you had a good eye for my sister. "

"Don't get me wrong. It's not what you think." Said Eugen in a hurry. Since he was refused by Julia, he had finally figured out that there were many beautiful women in the world. Why did he waste time on her?

There were many beautiful girls in the crew, such as the one in front of him.

So he couldn't let Jean misunderstand his relationship with Julia.

"In fact, the relationship between me and Julia is not what you think. I just think that Julia is a good actress who is willing to suffer and has good acting skills. In addition, all the members of the crew have pushed her out, so I want to take care of her. That's all. " Eugen smiled bitterly, "I'm kind-hearted, but I didn't expect that she misunderstood me and refused me seriously. So I gave up. "

"Oh, I see." "So Mr. Su, don't you like my sister at all? "

"Of course." "I just take her as a good inferior. I don't mean anything else," said Eugen, nodding his head and looking at Jean.

"What a pity!" Jean said with a bitter smile, "It seems that all my sister

o you have to wait till now? "

"Mr. Su, I'm telling you this because I don't think it's worth it. In the past two years, it's not easy for my sister to have an excellent man like you who is mature and steady. I really hope to see you two together, but Forget it. " "I'm leaving now. See you, Mr. Su. "

"Wait a minute." This time, Eugen really believed what Jean said. He looked at her and asked, "Your sister really like me? "

"Yes." Jean nodded seriously, "Let's talk about yesterday. If she and Holley were a couple, how could he not pick her up in such a heavy rain? My sister went back in the rain. She is lying in the lounge in a daze. If there is a boy taking care of her, I can rest assured. "

"You said she was sick?" Said Eugen with a frown.

"She is having a fever." Jean nodded slightly, "I just brought some ginger soup. I don't know how she is now..."

Before Jean finished her words, Eugen rushed to the lounge without saying anything.

Seeing this, a weird smile appeared on Jean's face.

'Julia, I hope you like this gift I give you...'

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