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   Chapter 113 Don't Get Me Wrong

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5638

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"What are you doing here?" Knowing it was Jean's voice, Julia asked weakly, "Are you here to laugh at me?"

"What are you talking about?" Jean smiled and said complacently, "How can I laugh at you? I heard from Abby that you were sick, so I came here to bring you some ginger soup."

"Why are you so kind?" Julia's voice became hoarse. She was too sick to argue with Jean.

"Julia, you really wronged me." Jean said to Julia with a bitter smile, "I really care about you. You are my sister. Of course I want to see you. But I really don't know why you always misinterpret my kindness."

"All right." Julia said to Jean impatiently, "If you really care about me, please go out. Don't disturb me."

Julia sneered, "Jean, there are only two of us here. You don't have to act in front of me. I'm tired even if you're not tired."

With a happier smile, Jean looked at Julia and continued, "You are a good person, but you don't know good people. Let's talk about yesterday. It rained so heavily that I asked Terence to send you back, but you refused to go back in order to fight for it. If you let go of your so-called self-esteem and got on Terence's car yesterday, would you still have a cold today? Don't you need to suffer so much? "

Jean mentioned what happened last night on purpose to remind Julia that Jean was the one beside Terence and let Julia pay attention to her identity.

Of course, Julia knew that, so she sneered and said to Jean, "I did this for your sake, Jean."

"What do you mean?" Jean frowned and looked confused.

"You don't understand?" With a sneer, Julia continued to say to Jean, "Although I have divorced Terence, I am Terence's ex-wife anyway. T

u can go back first. I'll come to you later." Eugen said with a smile to the actress beside him.

The actress glared at Jean with resentment, but she knew that Jean was the scriptwriter of this play, so she couldn't offend Jean, or Jean would be killed in minutes in the play.

No matter how reluctant she was, she could only take a look at Eugen in front of her and said in a delicate voice, "Mr. Eugen, I will wait for you all the time."

After saying that, she left. The expression on Eugen's face became very embarrassed because of the words of the actress. He felt very embarrassed to pass the responsibility to the girl and he said to Jean in front of him. "Nowadays, girls are really more and more open. I have made it clear to her that we are just ordinary colleagues. But..."

Eugen looked at Jean and said with a smile, "Miss Jean, please don't get me wrong..."

"How could it be?" With a smile, Jean continued, "Mr. Eugen, why do you have such a bad taste? The girl just now seems to have a plastic surgery. She has European style eyelids and high nose bridge. She doesn't have her own features at all."

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