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   Chapter 108 Alone In The Rain

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Lisa's speech reminded the others that no matter how hard Julia worked, there were still a lot of rumors about her. The reason why she could join the group was thanks to Jean.

A lot of people had been waiting for an opportunity like this all their lives, but some were unlucky to not have it at all.

People couldn't help but get depressed and looked at Julia. They wondered what she would say.

As a matter of fact, Jean was also curious about what was on Julia's mind.

While everyone else was waiting for Julia's answer, Jean was surprised that Julia would stand up and raise the glass in her hand. Julia smiled to Lisa and said, "Miss Zheng is right. Jean and I are sisters. I believe Jean helped me because she cares for me, so I'm not going to stand on ceremony. Jean, I'll drink this glass of wine to express my gratitude."

Right after she finished her words, Julia drank up the glass of wine. Lisa was about to continue to make things difficult for Julia, but she didn't expect that Julia was faster than her. She put down the glass and said to Jean, "Jean, are you going to make a fuss about this with me?"

What Jean cared about the most was reputation.

So Julia did this on purpose so that Lisa or Jean couldn't make trouble anymore.

"Oh really? Jean helped you a lot, but you want to wipe it out with just a glass of wine. Isn't it too ridiculous? In my opinion..." Lisa spat.

But even before Lisa could finish her words, Jean grabbed Lisa's sleeve and said with a smile, "Julia, you're right. We are family. We don't need to be formal with each other.

I hope you do well in the following play. When you become famous, I hope you can continue staring at my play."

Julia smiled just barely.

The dinner lasted very late. Julia had to check out of the hotel and go back to live with Consuela.

Abby had so

g, he gently put his arm around Jean's shoulders. "Come on. We better leave. Miss Gu is waiting for her new boyfriend."

Even though Jean was thrilled inwardly, she pretended to be reluctant and said, "Well, Julia, we are leaving now."

Terence accompanied Jean to the side of the car like a gentleman, opened the door for her, and helped her until she was seated already. These things had never been enjoyed by Julia when she was with Terence.

The exact moment the door was closed, Jean's face lighted up in triumph.

Since he had shown up, Terence's eyes were all on Jean, and he didn't even looked at Julia.

When Julia saw that Terence's car left already, she couldn't help but burst into tears. She smiled bitterly and rushed into the rain.

After walking for a long time, she stopped a taxi. Inside, there were two passengers already. They politely moved to make way for Julia so that she could sit more comfortably.

"Come on, wipe it." The woman in the back seat handed a handkerchief to Julia. Although it was old, it was clean. Obviously, the woman had a good quality of life.

"I just washed it yesterday. It's clean," the woman hurriedly said to Julia as she saw that Julia didn't take the handkerchief.

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