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   Chapter 107 Dinner Party

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 6000

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"Well, I know what I should do." Glancing at Abby in front of her, Jean said indifferently, "Anyway, remember to report to me as soon as there is any news about Julia. Don't wait for me to ask you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I know." Abby said awkwardly.

"Go ahead with your work." After asking what she wanted, Jean was about to leave, but Abby stopped her and asked, "Miss Jean, I want to ask you... When will I officially start my career? "

"What's the rush?" Jean glanced at Abby in front of her. She was just perfunctory to Abby, but it seemed that Abby couldn't go on like this.

"I will keep what I have promised you. Don't you believe me?" Jean said coldly.

"I didn't mean that..." Abby smiled bitterly.

"Here you are." When Abby was at a loss, Jean handed her a business card and said to Abby, "You can follow the address on it and tell him that I recommended it to you. Although I don't have a suitable role for you at present, some small advertisements can still be accepted for you."

"Well Is that true? " Abby was overjoyed. She had been looking forward to a chance for so many years.

"Of course it's true." With a sneer, Jean said to Abby, "But I have to tell you in advance that this advertisement is just a shooting of sports drinks. The hero is a first-line actor in China. You... You are just a member of a cheering squad. But don't worry. You can take the center stage and you can see it at a glance."

Jean patted Abby on the shoulder and said to Abby in front of her, "I know it's unfair for you, but you have to understand that everyone starts from this step. You don't have much fame now, so I can only help you with some small advertisements like this. When the shooting of 'Prime Minister's Daughter Got Married' starts, I will definitely arrange a ro

ontinued, "But... We just finished one scene. We still have a lot of scenes to shoot, so... I hope you can continue to work hard. Let's finish the play together. "

Jean's words naturally attracted a group of supporters. Sitting aside, Julia didn't say anything. She thought she could go back to rest after the rest, but Lisa wouldn't let her go so easily. Lisa sneered and said to Julia who was hiding in the corner, "Julia, do you have anything to say to Jean?"

"Me?" Julia was confused when her name was suddenly mentioned.

As soon as she raised her head, she saw the complacent look on Lisa's face and a flash of banter on the face of Jean. She knew that things were definitely not that simple.

"Yes." Lisa nodded with a smile and said to Julia, "You and Jean are sisters. Besides, you used to be full of rumors. If not Jean insisted on using you, I'm afraid you would still be crying at home... Jean is your benefactor. Don't you have anything to say to Jean? "

When Julia joined the group, she was indeed full of rumors. But recently, she had been hardworking, good at acting and not putting on airs. With the help of Holley, everyone's opinion of Julia had gradually changed.

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