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   Chapter 106 Supervision

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"Shh!" Samuel made a gesture of silence towards Abby. "Julia is still sleeping. Keep your voice down. Don't wake her up."

"Okay." Abby glanced at Samuel awkwardly.

Samuel looked inside and said, "Julia drank too much last night. Remember to let her drink honey water when she wakes up. Since I still have some scenes to shoot, I'll go back to my set. I'm leaving now."

"Okay." As she still hadn't realized what happened, Abby remained standing until Samuel left.

'That's strange. Why was Samuel in Julia's room?

Did something happened?'

With an expression of panic, Abby rushed into the room. Fortunately, she saw Julia sleeping on the bed with full clothing. A sigh of relief escaped her breath.

Abby was just about to go about to eat breakfast when Julia woke up. She looked at Abby with sleepy eyes and asked, "Abby? Why are you so early today?"

"Good morning, Julia. Have you forgotten? You have a scene to shoot early today. You'd better get up quickly!" Abby's tone was full of encouragement.

Finally, Julia came to her senses. "Yes, I almost forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me."

Julia stood up and was about to freshen up. However, she had a terrible headache. She took a deep breath and complained, "Ah! Why does my head hurt so much?"

"Are you okay? Have you forgotten what happened? You went to have dinner with Mr. He last night. You must have drunk too much. The headache might be because of your hangover," said Abby in a light tone.

"Really? Then how did I come back?" Julia asked awkwardly. She genuinely had no memory of what happened last night.

"You truly don't remember?" With a confused expression, Abby looked at Julia. "Of course, Mr. He helped you. Moreover, to take care of you, he didn't leave you alone last night. When I came over, I met him. He also reminded me to make a glass of honey water for yo

hat, they didn't say anything."

Jean slightly frowned when she heard what happened. "That's interesting. Samuel seems to have a good relationship with Julia."

"Yes, that's correct." Abby nodded. "They have known each other for a long time and have a good relationship. However, I feel that Samuel likes Julia very much. To be honest, last night, Julia was drunk. He didn't leave until this morning."

"Wait!" As she heard a key point from Abby's words, Jean looked at Abby excitedly. "Are you sure? You mean, they stayed in the same room? He didn't leave last night?"

"Yes. That's correct." Abby revealed an awkward expression as she looked at Jean. She didn't know what Jean was planning.

A crafty smile appeared on Jean's face. She already knew that Terence still couldn't forget Julia. However, how would he react if he knew the relationship between Jean and Samuel?

"Don't misunderstand. Samuel and Jean were just in the room. When I went in this morning, Julia was still wearing yesterday's clothes. I'm sure nothing happened," Abby hurriedly explained. "I think they are currently just friends."

Jean didn't care whether Jean and Samuel had sex or not. As long as Terence believed that they had sex, it was more than enough.

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