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   Chapter 100 She Has Seduced You

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By Mi Lu Characters: 5812

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"Maybe. " Terence said lightly, "I'm worried about Jean without anyone around her now. "

"You are worried about Jean? " Nelson said with a sneer, "Did you have a flood of sympathy? No matter how bad she is, it has nothing to do with you. "

"Nelson..." Terence frowned and said, "Anyway, Jean and I are friends. Is there anything wrong? "

"Of course not." "Don't you know that there are a lot of love affairs about you and her?" Said Nelson, feeling very distressed.

"So what?" Terence frowned slightly and said to Nelson, "I don't think that there have been any gossips about me all these years. We all know that it is just a fake. So why should I care about it? "

Nelson gave a bitter laugh and said, "I'm afraid Someone will take it seriously. "

"What do you mean by that?" Terence frowned.

"There are so many people in the hospital and maybe someone will recognize you. It means that it can be a solid evidence for your and her love affair. Do you have any idea how Julia feels when she saw these news? " Nelson said coldly, "Don't say that you don't care about Julia's feelings. We have known each other for a long time, and I know exactly what you are thinking about. "

"You think too much." Terence frowned and said, "I had divorced Julia, and in the future, I might marry Jean. "

"You..." After Nelson heard what Terence said, he got very angry. He looked at Terence and said with a bitter smile, "Well, you are just stubborn. I want to see if you can be as calm as you are now after Julia fall in love with another man. "

In a huff, Nelson continued, "By then Don't pull me out to drink alone. I'm not available! "

Seeing Nelson's retreating figure, Terence was amused.

He thought of what Nelson said


"Close the door when you leave." Said Terence without raising his head.

Of course, he didn't do this for Jean. But after what happened yesterday, he doubted Felix's moral quality. Such a person would never be a good partner.

That was why Terence made such a decision after deep consideration.

Felix knew he was unable to turn things around. But he was so angry about what happened yesterday.

He looked at Terence and said, "I know you look down upon me now, but whether you believe me or not, I'll explain it clearly. "

He sighed and continued, "Yes, I admit that I have a improper desire for Jean, but there are countless women surrounding me in H City, so I don't have to do such a thing to a woman, right? "

Terence lowered his head and said nothing. Felix continued, "The fact is that Jean began to seduce me after I entered the room last night. But when I did something more, she began to resist and hit my head with the ashtray. Thus I did such a thing. "

"You mean Jean seduced you? " Terence finally raised his head and looked at Felix with a cold face.

"That's right." Felix said emphatically, "She seduced me first. "

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