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   Chapter 99 Thank You

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"Yesterday. " Jean shrank back, which made Terence heartbroken. She buried her face in her knees and said to him, "Mr. Yang is on good terms with Mr. Chen from the MN Films. I want to sell my scripts, so I have to ask Mr. Yang for help. Yesterday he helped me make an appointment with Mr. Chen from the MN Films. It's the first time we have met each other. "

"I signed the contract with Mr. Chen in the morning, so I invited Mr. Yang to dinner to thank him. But I didn't expect that he touched me as soon as I went in, so I avoided him. You know the rest of the thing......" Jean gave a bitter smile and could not say anything more.

"Then Do you know that he drugged you? " Asked Terence, frowning.

"Drug? " Jean pretended to be surprised said to Terence, "I don't know. He He drugged me? "

"Yes. " Terence looked at Jean in front of him, "The doctor said it was just some medicine that makes your limbs weak. If I hadn't come in time, you would have been in danger. "

"Terence..." Jean hugged Terence and said, "Thank you. I don't know what to do without you yesterday. "

Jean held Terence tightly, unwilling to let him go.

Terence intended to push her away, but he didn't. After all, Jean had just gone through a disaster. He just wanted her to get comfort.

Jean smiled when she saw that Terence didn't push her away.

Men liked to put on the play of the hero to save the beauty, and liked to see the delicate appearance of women. Jean felt that she did not do it wrong.

"Terence..." After hugging enough, Jean released Terence and asked, "You Can you stay here with me tonight? I I'm so scared... "

Jean's face was pale, everyone couldn't help but felt sympathetic.

Terence was n

see that Jean had been beaten. He looked at Terence beside him and said, "Terence, how about Let's go first. Don't stay here to disturb Miss Gu. She needs rest. "

"Okay. " Terence nodded slightly and was about to leave, but Jean stopped him and said, "Terence, there's another thing I have to bother you. "

"What?" Terence asked calmly.

"Here is the thing." Jean was filled with resentment. She had got a chance to stay in the same room with Terence today, and who knew what would happen tonight?

But now, all of this was destroyed by Nelson.

'It doesn't matter. I'll find another way, ' Jean comforted herself.

"You know I can't go to work now. But I have a scene that the director wants to change. I think Could you please go to the set tomorrow and bring me my scripts? " Asked Jean indifferently.

When she saw Terence nodding, she felt relieved and said, "Thank you. Then I'll wait for you here. "

"Have a good rest." Said Terence emotionlessly. After that, he left with Nelson.

After walking out of the hospital, Nelson looked at Terence and asked, "If I didn't go to the ward, would you agree to stay here? "

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