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   Chapter 29 Mr. Fang

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"Humph! Jean is a bitch while Terence is a jerk. They're a perfect match and I hope they stay with each other forever," Consuela said angrily and rolled her eyes. "You both just got divorced a few days ago. Why is he so eager to marry Jean? He makes me sick."

"Alright." Julia smiled and gently grabbed Consuela's hand. "Wasn't it you who told me that he has nothing to do with me anymore? Don't be mad at an irrelevant person."

Consuela sighed before saying, "I just can't stand what's happening. You're living a hard life and you don't even own a house. Why can they live a happy life together, picking wedding rings?"

"The world isn't fair, Consuela," Julia comforted her. "If it was, then the gap between the rich and the poor wouldn't be so wide. This is good news for us. Seeing them plan a future together means that I can finally move on. From now on, I'll let go of him and create my own happiness."

"Are you really okay?" Seeing how calm Julia was, Consuela thought she herself was overreacting. She wasn't sure if Julia was pretending to be calm or if she had already moved on.

"I'm fine." Julia stood up and walked to the closet to pick her clothes. "What should I wear for Director Guo's birthday party?"

"Don't worry about it. I'll get everything ready for you," Consuela calmly responded.

"Then I'll go out later to buy him a birthday present," Julia offered as she smiled at Consuela, trying to convince her that she was fine.

But Consuela knew Julia was lying.

She had loved Terence for so long. How could she just let him go so easily?

"Julia..." Consuela murmured with worry. "I know that you're not feeling well and if you need my help, you can talk to me any time. If you need someone to beat up Terence and his new bitch, then I'll also be here for you. I just hope that you don't keep everything inside; it isn't good for you."

"What are you thinking about?" Julia turned to Consuela with a puzzled expression. "Beating people up is illegal."

"If it makes you happy, then I don't care."

Julia sighed and shook her head. "I know you are doing this for me, but since we are divorced, it's normal for him to have a new girlfriend. I just didn't expect that it would happen so soon."

She smiled and gave Consuela some reassurance. "Don't worry. I'm totally okay. I just want to work hard and buy myself a house as soon as possible."

That way, she could have a sense of belonging somewhere. Besides, it wasn't convenient for her to live in Consuela's house.

With a heavy sigh, Consuela commented, "Whatever you want to do, just count me in."

After Consuela left, the smile disappeared on Julia's face. She got her phone out and opened Weibo. The article said that Terence had gone to buy rings with a mysterious woman. It seemed that they were going to get married.

As she looked at the image of the two familiar figures, Julia wanted to cry.

Wasn't she prepared for this wh

en they got divorced?

Not wanting to worry Consuela, Julia changed into a comfortable outfit and prepared to go out to buy a birthday gift for Director Guo. She wasn't sure what gift she should get, and she decided to buy him a tie.

While she was out, two men in black quietly followed her. One of them retrieved his mobile phone and called his boss. "Hello Mr. Fang, we found her."

"Bring her to me."

"Yes, sir." The men quickly walked forward and grabbed Julia from both sides, giving her no chance to escape.

"What are you doing?" Julia panicked, she had just paid the bill. Was she getting robbed? To her surprise, they lifted her and left without saying a word.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing? Help, help..." Julia shouted with all her might, drawing the attention of the people around them.

A man quickly darted, wanting to help. But when he looked into the men's eyes, he gave up and watched Julia get kidnapped.

After getting in the car, the two men sat beside Julia. One was on the left and the other one on the right, in fear that she would run away.

They drove to an unfamiliar place and Julia felt more and more flustered, scared for her life.

"Who the hell are you?

Where are we going?

Who sent you to catch me? Is it Jean?"

No matter how many questions she asked, the men were as still as statues, not answering a single question.

Julia gave up and tried to think of a way to escape.

She had no idea who sent these two men to catch her. After reflecting, she believed that only Jean would be able to do this. But why?

She couldn't just sit back and wait for her death.

After ten minutes, they stopped in front of a restaurant in the city center. Julia looked outside, confused.

What was going on?

Did they kidnap her just so she could eat with them?

"Miss Gu, this way please." The two men stretched their hands and gestured for her to get out. Distracted, she stared at them.

Suddenly, she covered her stomach and squatted down. "Ouch, my stomach suddenly hurts. Please wait for a moment. I think I have to go to the bathroom."

Julia tried to make up an excuse to escape, but the two men just grabbed her by the collar, immobilizing her.

"Miss Gu, the restroom is inside. You should go in, before we catch you again."

"Let me go!" Julia shouted, but to no avail. Her captors were not listening to her.

She took a deep breath and looked at the two men. "Put me down. I can walk on my own."

They finally let her go. After she straightened her clothes, she walked into the restaurant with her head held up high.

She wanted to meet the bastard who decided to kidnap her.

They led Julia to a table near the windows. There was a man already sitting there, he looked familiar. Julia was sure that she had seen him before, but she couldn't remember where.

When they approached the mysterious man, one of the men said, "Mr. Fang, I have brought her to you."

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