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Out of the corner of her eyes, Jean spotted the paparazzi following them, and secretly smiled with satisfaction.

She had already gone to the Japanese restaurant Terence recommended before she had gone abroad. But she didn't expect that the food would be just as good as it was three years ago.

"What's wrong? Is it not to your liking?" Terence asked when he saw that Jean hadn't eaten yet. "If you don't like it, we can eat somewhere else."

"No, it's not like that." Jean smiled bitterly. "I also ate here three years ago. I thought the taste would change after all these years. I'm just surprised that it's still the same."

"The owner of the restaurant used to study in Japan. He came back here and opened the restaurant, maintaining its quality. If you like it, then you can come back here as much as you want," Terence kindly offered, amused at Jean's reaction.

After dinner, Terence drove Jean back to the villa. She invited him to go inside, but he refused. "Sorry, it's already late. Perhaps we can talk another time."

With a shake of his head, Terence drove away.

Jean was not in a good mood. Terence had been polite to her during the entire time they were together. He always helped her without hesitating. It was just that he always kept his distance from her.

She knew that Terence only saw her as a friend.

If it went on like this, then Jean had no chance at all.

Consuela received an unknown phone call. After a long discussion with the person on the other end of the line, she politely hung up. She glanced at Julia, who was busy eating fruit. "Since when were you acquainted with Director Guo?"

"Director Guo? Which Director Guo?" Julia asked, frowning.

She couldn't remember Director Guo at all, because Consuela always arranged her work for her.

"He's the famous director. He just asked you to attend his birthday party. Did you know he also wants to invite you to audition for his new movie? What's going on?" Consuela had a strong feeling that something was wrong, but she couldn't tell what it was.

"I only remember seeing him at the awarding ceremony, but we didn't talk to each other," Julia quietly murmured. "Maybe he gave me a chance because I might actually be suitable for his new movie. What happened? Is something wrong?"

"No." Consuela shook her head. Julia was right, maybe she just thought about it too much.

"Director Guo has gotten quite popular lately and many new artists became famous because of his movies. If we have a chance, we have to seize it," Consuela strongly advised, thinking about the opportunities this would give Julia.

Julia nodded in response. On her way to her room, she received a call from Mandy. She frowned as she saw the name on the screen, but answered it anyways. "Didn't you promise not to keep in touch with me after you took the money? Why are you still calling me?"

Mandy's sharp voice pierced through the phone as she yelled, "I promised you that I wouldn't bother you if you gave me ten million. But since you only gave me eight million, I'm here to ask you for the rest."

"I don't have that much money."

Julia couldn't help but laugh at her mother.

Before Mandy spoke, Julia had been wondering if her mother regretted her decision. But now she knew that in Mandy's heart, Jean was still more important than her.

"You don't have the money?" Mandy sneered, her voice laced with menace. "Why are you lying? Terence is so generous, wouldn't he give you ten million? Or do you just refuse to give me money?"

"When Terence and I got divorced, he gave me a total of five million. The other three million came from what I saved in the last few years. The money I gave you is all my savings. I can't afford any more money," Julia explained with a bitter smile. "Mom, you asked me for money to buy Jean a house and I can't stop you. But I really can't provide you ten million."

"Wow, Julia. So now you are learning how to play tricks on me? I don't believe that Terence gave you only five million. You'd better make up for that two million quickly. Otherwise, I will punish you," Mandy warned Julia without any remorse.

Julia's heart broke. "Mom, do you know what Terence did to me? Do you know how much he gave me when we got divorced? Five million. And since Jean is with Terence, then she can already afford to buy a house. You don't have to worry about it."

"What do you know?" Mandy snapped, irritated at her daughter. "The Gu family has declined. If Jean has no house in H City, people will speak ill of her. This is her dowry, so of course, it can't be shabby."

"Yes, you have the money. You can do whatever want with it. It's none of my business," Julia exclaimed, feeling exhausted with this conversation.

"I tell you, prepare the remaining two million immediately, or I will never let you go," Mandy threatened. "If something bad appears on the headlines, it will not be good for your reputation."

"Mom..." Julia thought Mandy was just messing with her. "I really don't have money now. If you don't believe me, I can't do anything. Do whatever you want to do. I won't stop you. Bye."

Without another word, Julia hung up. She thought she would be sad or would at least want to cry.

But she stayed still on the bed, not shedding a single tear.

"Nothing is more lamentable than a dead heart." Julia finally understood the meaning of this saying.

The next morning, Consuela barged into Julia's room while she was still sleeping. She opened her curtains and angrily scolded Julia, "Why are you still sleeping? Everything is turning upside down. How can you still sleep so well?"

Raising her hand to block the sunshine, Julia turned over and groaned, "Let me sleep a little longer. Whatever is important can be dealt with later."

She hadn't rested so well in a long time.

"Stop sleeping," Consuela ordered as she pulled Julia's quilt. "Your ex-husband is having a public affair with Jean. They were choosing wedding rings. Do you think it is proper for you to sleep while this is happening?"

Julia's eyes opened when she heard what Consuela had just said. Her heart skipped a beat and she froze in shock. After a while, she smirked at Consuela. "Is that so? They can finally get married."

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