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   Chapter 27 Shopping

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Jean sighed before she continued, "Actually, I didn't mean anything else, Director Guo. I just want you to give Julia a chance. Rest assured that you can arrange an audition for her. If you don't think she is suitable for the part, then I won't force it. I just hope that you will give her a chance."

Director Guo hesitantly glanced at the producer before replying, "Since this is the case, I naturally respect your wishes. I'll have someone call your sister now."

"Wait," Jean interjected. "Julia has strong self-esteem. I don't want her to know that I'm trying to help her. Director Guo, I've heard that your birthday is in a few days. How about you send Julia an invitation to your birthday party. My gift for you will be the contract between us. What do you think?"

"Okay, okay, I will do as you say." Director Guo agreed without an inch of hesitation.

After they negotiated the final terms and conditions, Jean burst into a satisfied smile. She and Director Guo conversed for a while before they parted ways.

The venue she met up with Director Guo was only a few blocks away from Terence's company. Once their meeting had finished, Jean went to the front desk and asked the receptionist whether she could see Terence.

When he found out that Jean was downstairs, Terence asked the receptionist to bring her up. "Have a seat. I just have something to deal with first."

"It's alright, don't worry about me," Jean commented, giving him a thoughtful smile.

After processing the papers, Terence called for his secretary. "The document has been checked over. There aren't any more problems. Please have the other party sign it as soon as possible. You know what to do afterwards, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Chen." She walked out with the folder in her hand and politely smiled at Jean before closing the door behind her.

Once the secretary had left, Terence glanced at Jean. "Why are you here? Are you unaccustomed to living at my place?"

"No, no, no. Don't get me wrong." Jean shook her hands. "Living in your house is great. I had an appointment with a director nearby. After seeing him, I figured I'd come here to see you."

"Really?" Terence asked.

"Actually..." Jean bit her lip and hesitantly glanced at Terence. "I came to you today because I actually need your help."

"What is it?" he inquired, wondering if something was wrong.

"Here's the thing," she started with a smile. "You see, the director's birthday is in a few days and I don't know what I should give him. So, I came here to see you and ask if you would like to help me choose a birthday gift.

Since you're both men, you have similar tastes, right?"

Seeing the predicament she was in, Terence agreed to help her without any hesitation. "Okay. We can leave in a while."

"Okay." Jean cheerfully nodded.

Terence was a big shot in H City and the media was always focused on his private life. Before she came over to see him, Jean had tipped off a press company anonymously, informing them about Terence's love life.

As they approached the company's entrance, Jean kept glancing outside to see the car that belonged to the paparazzi. When she was confident that they had arrived, she smiled to herself and abruptly blocked Terence's path. "Wait a minute."

"What's wrong?" Terence asked, puzzled as to why she suddenly stopped him.

"Your tie is a little crooked." Jean stepped forward and gently straightened his tie. With a smile on her face, she looked at him. "Alright. You're okay now."

Everything happened the way she had planned. When Terence tried to push her away, Jean safely retreated back a few steps.

With an awkward smile, he motioned to her. "Get in the car."

Jean quickly glanced at the paparazzi's car, letting them take a clear picture of her face.

"Terence, if someone gave you a gift, what would you like?" Jean asked Terence, who was sitting right next to her.

He smiled at her and thought about it. "That's a hard question. I'd usually just get a watch, a belt, and so on. As long as it's not out of line."

"Really?" Jean's face contorted into a frown. She wasn't actually here to buy the birthday present.

After looking around, she decided to buy a watch. After paying, she found a jewelry store. She pulled his sleeve and asked, "Hey, can you accompany me to the jewelry store?"

"Jewelry store?" Terence stammered, his voice filled with embarrassment.

"Yes." Jean dragged Terence with her to the jewelry store, oblivious to his embarrassment.

"Welcome to our store. How may I help you?" the saleslady greeted them with an enthusiastic grin.

Jean pulled Terence's clothes and pointed to a ring that was displayed in the glass casing. "What do you think of this one? Is it beautiful?"

"I don't know anything about rings. It'll be better if you chose it yourself." Terence awkwardly withdrew his hand and faced Jean. "Sorry, I have to answer a phone call. Please take your time."

He didn't know why he felt uncomfortable when he entered the jewelry store with Jean.

Jean looked at Terence's retreating figure. Although she felt disappointed, she didn't show it on her face. Instead, she chose to buy a pair of cuff links. After getting it wrapped, she headed out to look for Terence.

He had told her that he was just going to take a phone call, but it was just an excuse. When she went outside, she found him smoking.

"Were you able to choose something?" Terence asked, as he puffed out smoke.

"Yes, I've made my choice." Jean handed the box to him. "This is for you. Take a look and see whether you like it or not."

"For me?" Terence's eyes widened in surprise. When he opened the box, he sighed in relief upon seeing the cuff links.

"Why did you buy me a gift?"

"It's my way of saying thank you for helping me out." Jean smiled at him. "You've been taking care of me since I got back. I've been trying to find a good opportunity to show you my gratitude and when I saw the cuff links, I thought they'd be perfect for you."

"Don't waste money again," Terence impassively commented.

"Actually I originally wanted to buy a ring," Jean said. "I heard from Sherry that you brought a ring away from home. But I wasn't able to find you a suitable one. Perhaps I might find one next time."

Feeling uncomfortable, Terence forced a smile on his face and looked at her. "Are you hungry? I know a good Japanese restaurant nearby. Why don't we go there?"

"Okay." Jean grinned at his suggestion. "I am a little hungry after going shopping."

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