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   Chapter 26 Give Me A Chance

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"What do you know?" Jean sneered. "Did you think that just by moving in, I already won? You know, Terence is still thinking about Julia. I have to make sure that bitch doesn't mess up my plans. Only then can I win."

"But..." Mandy frowned, about to say something before Jean interrupted her.

"Well, if you don't want to help me, you can just leave," Afraid of upsetting Jean, Mandy hastily appealed, "Don't be upset. Let me help you, okay?"

"That's more like it." Jean smirked, satisfied with her mother's decision.

"By the way..." Mandy stole a glance at Sherry, standing far away from them. "You live here now. Are you already used to it?"

"It's not too bad." Jean shook the swing and shrugged. "Staying here is just part of my plan. Once I confirm my relationship with Terence, I won't live here anymore."

Jean looked around the well-decorated house. Its interior and exterior design was so beautiful. But Julia lived here before. That was why Jean didn't want to stay here for long.

"Then be careful." Mandy wore a worried look on her face. "Whenever I used to come over, the maid was always polite to me. Now she seems a little less enthusiastic. I am afraid that she might not like you."

"Are you referring to Sherry?" Jean said contemptuously. "She's been hostile to me ever since I moved in."

"Then you..." Mandy started, worried about Jean. "How about I move in with you? That way, if you need help, then I can be there for you."

Jean hesitated for a moment, thinking about what Mandy was suggesting. For a long time, she wanted to teach Sherry a lesson. But she had to swallow her pride and pretend to be polite to the maid.

If Mandy came here, then she would be able to help Jean. But Jean had to confirm her relationship with Terence first.

She turned to look at Mandy and said, "I think we need to talk about it later on. If you lived in here now, it would affect the relationship between me and Terence."

"Alright then." Mandy's shoulders slumped in disappointment. She wanted to live with Jean, but it seems that her daughter had other plans in mind.

Seeing Mandy's reaction, Jean offered, "How about I rent an apartment nearby? That way, if you have time, you can come visit me every day. You just can't live here for the time being, okay?"

"Okay, okay, I get it." Mandy smiled, satisfied with the offer. All she wanted was to be closer to Jean.

Before leaving, Mandy gently reminded her daughter, "Jean, please be careful with what you're planning to do."

"I know." Jean frowned impatiently and rolled her eyes. "You don't need to worry about me. Just focus on doing what I told you to do. I'll only be satisfied once you have finished your task."

"Don't worry. I won't let you wait for too long," Mandy said with determination.

Alone and bored in the villa, Jean decided to go out for a walk. She didn't have anyone to keep her company since all the maids didn't seem to like her.

Jean had just finished signing the film and television copyright of a new book. She immediately asked to meet with the producer and the dir


"Miss Gu, over here." The producer and the director waved at her. They were already at the venue when she arrived.

Jean walked up to them and apologetically explained, "I'm so sorry. I haven't been back for three years, so I'm not as familiar with H City. It took me a long time to find this place. Have you been waiting for long?"

"It's okay. It's our pleasure to wait for such a beautiful lady," said the director, who was a dark horse in the entertainment industry. The last film he had made was a box-office success.

While Jean was abroad, the director expressed his interest in her novel, wanting to make it into a film adaptation. The copyright of the novel was already undergoing negotiation.

"You are so sweet, Director Guo!" Jean said, flattered at the compliment.

"I have read your book several times and I really like the story. Since we've already discussed the details last time, I'd like to know when we can sign the contract. I can't wait to prepare for the movie,"

said Director Guo. "I'm sure with our mutual cooperation, we will be creating a beautiful masterpiece."

Jean smiled and graciously asked, "I trust in your capabilities. However, how about the actors and actresses?"

"Is there someone you would like for us to cast in the movie?" Director Guo's eyebrows knitted into a frown. Although it was common within the industry, he did not agree with it.

To him, directors should value the quality and the abilities of the actors, not their backgrounds.

Jean smiled, "Only if you agree."

"Miss Gu, I respect you very much," Director Guo started. "While you were abroad, I tried my best to find you. We were able to talk through the Internet, before you came back to meet with me."

He paused to gather his thoughts. "We've already discussed and agreed to the terms of agreement for the copyright. But now, you want to arrange the actors for the movie. Isn't it against the rules?"

With an unwavering smile, Jean looked him in the eye. "Director Guo, I think you misunderstood me. I would just like to recommend someone to you. But you do not have to necessarily to accept her."

"What do you mean?" he asked with a frown. Director Guo didn't seem to understand what she was implying.

"Here's the thing," Jean started as she took a sip of her tea. "My sister, Julia Gu, was given the Best New Artist not long ago. I personally think that she is suitable for the female supporting role, so I want to recommend her for the movie. Naturally, the leadings roles will be decided by you."

"Do you mean Julia Gu is your elder sister?" Director Guo and the producer looked at each other in astonishment.

"Yes. What's wrong? Do we not look alike?"

"No, no, no. That's not what I meant. Both of you are excellent and well-accomplished." Director Guo chuckled with admiration. "While one of you is the rising star in the entertainment industry, the other is a beautiful writer. I really admire you."

"Don't praise me like that. I'll get really embarrassed if you continue to do so, Director Guo." Jean laughed, with delight.

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