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   Chapter 23 The Supporting Actress

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Samuel wrapped his arm around Julia's shoulder and gave her a comforting smile. "If I hadn't heard it, then I would've let it slide. But I heard it clearly and I can't stand them speaking ill of my sweetheart."

Julia chuckled and gently shook her head. She was accustomed to the teasing tone that Samuel used whenever he talked to her. She nudged him and playfully retorted, "If they heard what you had just said, they will hate me more."

"Who cares? Come here, I'll introduce you to someone." Samuel was being mysterious. Although Julia kept asking him who it was, he wouldn't budge. Since she was wearing heels, it was very inconvenient for her to keep walking.

After a while, Samuel finally stopped and Julia finally had the chance to know who it was.

When she saw the person standing in front of her, Julia's eyes widened in shock.

As if nothing had just happened, Samuel greeted the man in front of them. "Director Zhang, I would like to introduce you to my friend."

"This is...?" Director Zhang turned to look at Julia. In his head, he was trying to remember who she was, but couldn't.

It made Julia sad to think about the fact that despite being in the industry for so long, she had never had the chance to make Director Zhang's acquaintance.

"This is my best friend, Julia Gu," Samuel politely replied. "Well, she just told me that you are her idol, so I took her here to meet you."

"Really?" Director Zhang laughed, his face gleaming with amusement. His gaze lingered at the woman. "Aren't you the actress who won the Best New Artist the other day?"

"Yes." Julia smiled, trying to recover from the happiness she felt when he knew who she was. "Thank God you remember me, Director Zhang. The prize is not worth mentioning."

"Don't say that," Director Zhang replied with a gentle smile. "The prize is still worth something. You are just as professional as the other celebrities in the industry."

"Director Zhang, you flatter me!" Julia laughed, as she conversed with Director Zhang. She had finally calmed down after panicking earlier.

She knew that Samuel wanted to help. Now that she had her shot, she was not going to embarrass him. "Director Zhang, you truly are an idol of our generation. Ever since I was young, I already loved watching your movies.

Speaking of this, one of your speeches actually inspired me to pursue acting..."

"My speech?" Director Zhang was pleased to hear Julia's compliments. However, he was curious as to what she wanted to say. "Which one?"

"It was when you won an award during a film festival. You held the trophy out to the audience and said, 'One should always have dreams. Even if there are many difficulties you will face on the road ahead, as long as you have a goal in mind, you will achieve them.'

What you said that night inspired me to become an actress. Even though my family kept telling me stop daydreaming, I have worked hard to get to where I am now."

With a sheepish smile on her face, Julia looked at Director Zhang. "It is a pity that I had to rely on Samuel's help to meet you."

"It's alright. When I first started out, I also experienced the same t

hing you're going through," Director Zhang comforted Julia with a grin. "For many years, I made bad films, but with effort and persistence, I finally got the results that I wanted."

He patted her shoulder and winked at her. "One day in the future, I'm sure you will be successful. My judgment about people is often correct."

Comforted by Director Zhang's words, Julia shyly smiled. "Thank you."

She continued to converse with Director Zhang, but they were not talking about his new film, making Samuel anxious. After clearing his throat, Samuel hastily interjected, "Director Zhang, I see that you and Julia get along. Maybe she can play a part in your upcoming film?"

"There might be a chance." Director Zhang looked at Julia. He could tell that she was a good girl. "I will cooperate with you if I get the chance, Julia."

Samuel furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Director Zhang, your new film needs a supporting actress. Well, how about Julia?"

"Julia?" Director Zhang finally realized what Samuel was insinuating. Based on his interactions with her, she had a good temperament, but he had never seen her acting skills.

"Don't worry, Director Zhang. I have known Julia for a long time, and I am fully aware of her capabilities. Please give her a chance. You surely won't regret it," Samuel pleaded, trying to convince him. Seeing that Director Zhang was not responding, Julia tugged at Samuel's sleeve. "Samuel, please make things difficult for Director Zhang. I'm already content that I got to meet him. Please don't..."

"Julia," Director Zhang calmly interrupted her. "To tell you the truth, your temperament is very suitable for the new movie I'm preparing. It seems that Samuel has recommended the right person."

"What...?" Julia stammered. Was this an opportunity for her?

"But I have to tell you in advance that the female supporting role is a vicious rich lady. If you do well in the movie, the audience might take you as a real vicious person," Director Zhang said with his eye brows knitted into a frown. "Netizens might abuse you. Are you not worried?"

"As long as you are willing to give me this opportunity, I will not let you down," Julia said with determination gleaming in her eyes. "Since I have chosen to work in this industry, I have to sacrifice something. This is my job, right?"

"Since you are willing to give it a try, what else can I say?" Director Zhang smiled, impressed at her spirit. "For Samuel's sake, I will ask him to give you the address. Then, you can audition with other candidates."

"Thank you." Julia was overjoyed. She wanted to scream with delight.

She was already satisfied to be given this opportunity. The next step was to fight for it by using her skills.

Director Zhang had expected her to be disappointed when she heard about competing with the other candidates. However, the sheer pleasure on her face surprised him.

"Samuel, I still have things to attend to, so I've got to go," Director Zhang explained, politely excusing himself.

Once he had left, Julia sighed in relief. She grasped Samuel's sleeve and squealed in delight. "Samuel, pinch me. Am I dreaming?"

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