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   Chapter 22 People Always Gossip

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Julia lightly chuckled, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "You always make fun of Consuela whenever she isn't around. Aren't you afraid that I'll tell her?"

"Please don't tell her," Samuel begged, feigning fear expression. "Consuela is a shrew. The last time I called her that, she chased after me for half an hour. Even though I'm a famous actor, she didn't save my face."

"Well, a famous actor," Julia mocked and took two glasses of champagne for Samuel and herself.

Samuel gave Julia a pointed look and stopped the waiter. He exchanged one glass of champagne for orange juice. Handing out the glass to her, he said, "You shouldn't drink alcohol while you're injured."

"It's just champagne..."

"No way." Samuel smirked. "You still haven't told me why you came here today."

"Oh. It's nothing." Julia laughed. "Consuela just wanted to introduce me to more people. You better stay away from me later on. Otherwise, people wouldn't want to come up to converse with me."

"All right, all right. I won't bother you," Samuel joked. "I saw an acquaintance. I'll go over and say hello. You better stay here and not wander around, okay?"

"I know. I'm not a child," Julia chortled in amusement.

After Samuel left with his glass of champagne, Julia felt bored. Walking around, she found a corner and sat down. She scanned the people around. Consuela was right, they were all acquaintances.

People got together in twos or threes, making it easier for Julia to see their distinguished groups. She felt out of place.

Julia glanced at Samuel and found him happily conversing with Director Zhang. She suddenly got an idea.

Julia hadn't forgotten the task that Consuela assigned to her. If she asked Samuel for help, then he would certainly agree to introduce her to Director Zhang. However, she hesitated for a while and decided to give up instead.

"Have you heard? Rumor has it that Samuel will be taking up an important role in Director Zhang's new movie. Even though the shooting hasn't begun, it's already very popular on the Internet." From behind her, Julia heard someone talking about Samuel. Lost in trance, she unconsciously smiled.

As Samuel's best friend in the business, she was proud that he was accomplishing great achievements.

"Director Zhang is very strict with actors and actresses. Samuel might be able to get even more famous if he shows up in his new movie," another voice said. "Do you think we have a chance? We have been in this industry for such long time, and we all want to be famous as well."

"You're right. I honestly don't have any other requests. I just wish to perform with Samuel."

"So you like Samuel?"

"What's wrong? Am I not allowed to? He is so handsome and he hasn't been involved in any scandals. I've also heard that he's a good man. If I get the chance to be his girlfriend, I'd be so happy."

"Then it seems that you have a rival," a sharp female voice interjected. "I heard that Samuel came here with a woman.

They went inside holding hands, talking, and laughing. I don't know what they were talking about, but I think that she is probably his girlfriend."

"That's impossible! Samuel isn't that type of person. Stop talking nonsense here."

"Why is it impossible? I saw it with my own eyes. It was Julia Gu, the woman who won the Best New Artist two days ago. Even though she's been in the industry for a long time, she is still considered to be a new artist. She's so shameless, sticking around with Samuel."

Julia's face darkened. She never thought that she'd immediately become the talk of the town the moment she walked on the red carpet with Samuel.

The woman continued, "Even if this is the case, I am sure that it is her who is shamelessly pestering Samuel. If I see her, I will definitely make her pay the price for her actions."

Julia felt like they were deliberately talking near her so that she could hear them.

Restless and uneasy, she continued to stay where she was.

After talking to Director Zhang, Samuel came over to see Julia. It just so happened that he also overheard what the women were gossiping about.

Samuel was aware that Julia had high self-esteem. Knowing that she must have been in an uncomfortable position, he walked forward and pulled her up with a smile. "Julia, why are you alone here?"

As they heard him say her name, the women's faces turned pale with fear. Afraid that she would be discovered by the group of women, Julia grabbed Samuel's hand and tried to hurry away.

However, Samuel's arm wrapped around Julia's waist to stop her. He turned to the women and smiled. "Is there something wrong? Are you embarrassed?"

"Samuel," called out a girl in a light yellow dress. "What's your relationship with Julia?"

Julia waved her hands. She was afraid of bringing Samuel trouble. "We are honestly just friends!"

"Julia, you are breaking my heart," Samuel said with a sad look. "Is this how you see our relationship?"

"Stop it!" Julia nervously laughed, tapping Samuel's hand to stop him from making trouble.

Instead, Samuel hugged Julia tighter and said to those women, "I heard what you just said.

Let me explain this. I have an unusual relationship with Julia. If I hear you gossiping behind her back, I won't be nice to you. Do you understand?"

Although Samuel was grinning cheekily, his words sounded like a threat.

"Samuel, did this woman seduce you?" the woman persisted in a sharp voice.

"Who are you?" Samuel narrowed his eyes at the woman. "Listen up. I am the one wooing Julia. Don't let me hear you say those things ever again. Do you understand?"

He then turned to give Julia a soft smile. "Let's go."

The moment they walked away, the women's hearts broken into pieces.

When they found an empty area, Julia withdrew her hand from Samuel's grip. She shyly smiled at him. "You didn't have to stand up for me. If they wanted to say something, you should've let them say it. People always gossip."

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