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   Chapter 19 Julia's Belongings

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The coldness in Julia’s heart seemed to spread all over her body. The disappointment she felt practically made both her body and mind numb, so she just sat in a daze. A moment later, however, she eventually picked herself up. Since nobody cared about her, she should care about herself more. She had her wound disinfected and bandaged before she finally left the hospital. She was still a little absent-minded, so she accidentally crashed into a man on her way out.

"What's wrong with you? Are you blind?" shouted a bodyguard standing behind the man she bumped into. Julia didn’t have the chance to open her mouth, let alone apologize.

She was originally in a bad mood, and now that she was suddenly being reproached by a stranger, her anger flared up almost in an instant. She pointed at the bodyguard and shouted back without any restraints, "What about you? It was him who hit me! What? The culprit is suing the victim now, isn't it?

Let me tell you; there are so many people watching us now. Don't even try to slander me in broad daylight!"

"What the hell are you talking about? Do you know that Mr. Fang—"

"I don't give a damn who he is! Anyway, it's his fault! It was him who bumped into me!" Julia glared at the man in front of her. "Apologize!"

"You are asking for this!" The bodyguard rolled up his sleeves and was ready to hit her. However, he was stopped by his boss.

The man gave Julia a once-over. Curiosity and playfulness emerged in the depth of his gaze. "What's your name?"

"It's none of your business!" Julia said angrily. "Hurry up and apologize now. I still have a lot of work to do."

Her demand for his apology really amused him.

After deliberating for quite a while, he said mischievously, "I'm sorry, miss. It was my fault that you walked with your head down and hit my chest. Please forgive me."

Although it was an apology, any sane people could see that what happened today was obviously Julia's fault.

In fact, Julia also knew this. It was just that she hated being shouted at by others, and the bodyguard shouted at her without giving her the chance to apologize. Furthermore, she happened to need to vent the accumulating anger and grief in her heart upon being wronged by Terence.

She waved her hand awkwardly. Since the man had given way to her and even apologized, she couldn’t continue to embarrass him. "All right. Since you’ve apologized, I won’t be petty. Forget it."

As she spoke, she sidestepped the group, intending to walk past them and quickly leave.

Nevertheless, the man also took a step to the side and blocked Julia’s path.

Julia glared at the man. Impatience was blazing in her eyes. "What the hell do you want to do?"

"You haven't told me your name yet."

"Psycho!" Julia scolded, sheered away from the man, and walked away.

The man didn’t give up. His voice floated from behind her. "My name’s Eric Fang. Remember it. We’ll see each other soon."

Julia didn't even stop walking. She just continued on her way, pretending to not hear anything. Despite that, Eric’s gaze didn’t move away from her figure. He stared at her back for a long time until she turned at the corner of the street and disappeared from his sight. He then said to the bodyguard beside him, "Find out who she is."

"Yes, Mr. Fang." The bodyguard nodded.

After they left the cafe, Jean apologized to Terence. "I'm so sorry about what happened today. I never expected that Julia would come to me. I woul

d’ve avoided her if I knew, and you wouldn't have had to see my miserable appearance."

"What are you talking about?" Terence was both annoyed and disappointed in Julia. He really didn't understand why she was such a shrew. "How many times have you apologized to me since you came back? I'm going to be angry for real if you continue to act like this."

Jean said with a bitter smile, "I have to apologize no matter what. I’ve brought you so much trouble, and I really feel sorry."

"I’m the one who should apologize." Terence sighed. "In fact, I was the one who brought trouble to you. Julia bullied you because of me. I’m sorry. I hope you won't blame me."

"I don't." Jean chuckled. "Actually... I'm happy that Julia misunderstood our relationship."

She shyly lowered her head. She spoke in a whisper, but there was no other sound inside the car, so it was loud enough for Terence to hear.

She had plucked up the courage to say this, hoping that Terence could realize her interest in him. However, he just ignored what she said and kept driving as if he heard nothing.

Jean’s heart was brimming with disappointment.

But she didn't let the disappointment she felt show up in her expression. In any case, what she wouldn’t lack the most after moving into Terence's house was chances.

"I don't know what Julia would do if you weren't there. It seems the divorce was a big blow to her." Jean sighed. "You’ve been married to Julia for three years. Can you really give up the affection between you two so easily?"

"Affection?" Terence sneered. "What kind of affection did we have between us?"

Upon hearing Terence’s answer, Jean finally felt relieved.

She hadn’t made any progress with Terence, but it was okay. After all, Julia couldn't get his affection either.

After a moment of hesitation, Terence said, "If Julia comes to trouble you again in the future, you shouldn’t meet her. You can’t win her."

"But she’s my sister after all..." Jean sighed. "Aside from my mom, she is the closest person to me in the world."

"You think of her as your sister, but she doesn't think of you as one," Terence said with a sneer. "Anyway, if you can't avoid meeting her, just call me and I'll go with you.

I’d like to see if she dares to trouble you in front of me."

A smile appeared on Jean's face. She nodded and said sweetly, "Okay, I got it."

Once they arrived at the villa, Terence parked the car at the gate and then helped Jean to take out her luggage. He looked at the dirty white T-shirt she wore and said, "You can go upstairs to take a shower first and come down later to handle your luggage."

"Okay." Her show was finished. Jean didn't want to stand in front of Terence in such a miserable appearance, so she went upstairs to take a shower.

While Terence was waiting downstairs, a maid came to him with a box, saying, "Mr. Chen, these are the things left behind by Mrs. Chen. What would you like to do with them?"

Terence cast a sideways glance at the things inside the box. They all looked familiar. A second later, he finally realized what they were. They were the things Julia bought for him these past few years.

Julia had obviously left these behind to say goodbye to their past.

He frowned. An uncomfortable, yet indescribable feeling filled his chest. "Throw them away."

"Okay." When the maid was about to throw the box out, Terence saw a dust-covered velvet box. With a slight frown, he asked, "What's this?"

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