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   Chapter 18 Shame On You

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"You agreed?" Consuela asked Julia, suppressing her anger.

Julia shyly nodded. Afraid that Consuela would scold her for her stupidity, she quickly explained, "I made it clear to her that once I gave her the money, we would break ties with one another. And she agreed to the deal.

She's my mother, Consuela. This is most likely the last time I'll ever be a dutiful daughter to her."

"It seems so easy for you to say, but I don't think it'd be that simple for you," Consuela uttered worriedly.

Despite Consuela's advice, Julia was not in the mood to think about her mother right now. She more focused on how she was going to deal with Jean tomorrow.

Julia arrived at the coffee shop at eight o'clock the next day, wearing a beautiful dress. She found Jean sitting at a table, wearing a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans, like a young and energetic youth.

While Julia wore her pretty clothes and make-up, she felt insecure in front of Jean who didn't bother to wear make-up.

"I ordered a cup of latte for you. I remembered from three years ago that it was your favorite." Jean smiled.

"People change," Julia haughtily replied. "Even though I loved to drink lattes three years ago, it doesn't mean that I still like to drink them now."

"Really?" Jean blinked innocently. "But I haven't changed much."

'Yes, you are as hypocritical as ever. Unfortunately, I only realize it now,'

Julia thought to herself as she took off the sunglasses and stared at her sister indifferently. "Let's get to the point. Why did you ask me to meet you here?"

"It's actually not that big of a deal. I just want to tell you that Terence and I will be getting married soon. So, you better stay away from him," Jean coldly warned. "I don't like it whenever there are annoying women hovering around my man. If I see more of them, I will spare no effort to... destroy them."

Although Jean's face was emotionless, the words that she had just said were so cold that any innocent girl who heard her might tremble in fear.

Instead of quivering, Julia chuckled. "Jean, you should remember that I was the one who dumped Terence. Since I gave him away, I don't intend on taking him back."

Jean's face darkened in anger. Without minding her, Julia continued, "It seems that you see Terence as a piece of treasure. But in my opinion, he is nothing but trash."

"Really?" Jean smiled. "That's great then. I thought you would hate me if I took Terence away from you.

Now I feel relieved to hear that."

"Jean, there's no one else here. You don't need to pretend." As she looked at her sister's behavior, Julia frowned impatiently. "You must be very proud that Terence and I divorced, right? I know you can't wait to be his wife. Let me tell you. Even if you actually marry Terence, you will never win against me. Don't forget, he is my ex-husband. He's a second-hand man."

"Really?" Jean laughed. "But I like second-hand goods. I liked your toys when I was a kid. Now that I've grown up, I also like your man. Julia, as long as something belongs to you, I'll always get it."

"Shame on you!" Julia scolded, a scowl coming on her face.

"Shame?" Jean innocently smiled. "You have self-esteem, and that's why you failed to win Tere

nce's heart even though you'd been married for three years. The next time you have another boyfriend, you should try to be shameless. It may give you unexpected results."

Jean's eyes kept flickering towards the entrance of the cafe. When she finally saw the familiar figure she was waiting for, she said more unpleasant things to Julia.

Overwhelmed with rage, Julia grabbed the cup of latte on the table and poured it all over Jean.

Jean's white T-shirt was immediately stained and her beautiful faced drenched with coffee. Staring at the scene in front of her, Julia felt happy. She looked at her sister and said, "Jean, I think you should first learn how to be human. Sooner or later, Terence will realize your true colors, and then—"

But before Julia could finish her words, she was suddenly pushed away. Her feet lost its balance and she fell on the floor, landing on her elbow. Pain immediately surged through her body.

"Are you all right?" Julia heard Terence's voice. When she looked up, she saw him help Jean wipe her face with a napkin.

So that was why Jean didn't wear make-up today. She must have foreseen the accident. Coffee stain with make-up was not pleasant.

Even if Jean only pretended to be bullied, she didn't want Terence see her like that.

She had deliberately asked Terence to pick her up at the same time she scheduled her appointment with Julia. Everything happened the way she had planned it.

She wanted to show Terence the type of person Julia was.

"I'm fine." Although Jean's eyes were filled with tears, she continued her act and pretended to care about Julia. "Julia, are you all right?"

"Don't shed crocodile tears here," Julia grunted, trying to endure the pain. The caring look that Terence was giving Jean made her heart ache.

"Stop caring about her," Terence said to Jean. "It's a waste of time and affection to care about people like her."

"You're right. A human like me doesn't deserve your care, Mr. Chen. Why don't you just leave with your love?" Julia sneered with narrowed eyes. "What? Do you want to stay here and see me make a fool of myself?"

"Julia, please don't say that. Terence didn't mean that..." Jean continued her performance.

She stood beside Terence with a big smile on her face without him seeing. But Julia could clearly see her smile.

Julia finally understood why Jean had suddenly invited her out. It was all just a ploy for Terence to see.

'I was so stupid to come here.'

"Shut up!" Julia roared. In her mind, she cursed Terence for his blinded stupidity, not seeing Jean's true personality. "Get out of here now. You make me sick."

"Julia, I..." Jean felt so wronged that she almost cried.

Seeing the scene unfold in front of him made Terence furious. He gently placed his hand on Jean's shoulder and signaled for them to go. Before they left, he mockingly said, "Let's go. Julia is a celebrity. She doesn't need our care. Didn't you say that your luggage has already been packed? Let's have you moved into my place quickly. I have a meeting later..."

Terence held Jean's hand and walked towards the exit, leaving Julia alone on the floor.

A few minutes after they left, Julia paid the bill and took a cab to the hospital.

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