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   Chapter 17 See You There

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"Are you sure you don't need my help?" Terence frowned, annoyed at the thought of what Julia had done.

"No, thanks." Jean gave him a sweet smile. "Terence, I know you are nice to me, but please let me handle the issue on my own. Julia is my sister after all, and I don't want to strain our relationship."

"All right." Seeing that Jean wasn't going to change her mind, Terence had no choice but to accept her decision. He looked straight ahead and cleared his throat. "If you need help, just let me know. Even though Julia and I are divorced, it doesn't affect the friendship between you and me. So, don't worry about being a bother."

Jean had originally been pleased after secretly slandering Julia. However, when she heard Terence mention the word "friendship," she began to feel frustrated.

"Friendship?" She arched an eyebrow. She was stunned at what he said and wanted to make sure that she didn't mishear him.

"Yes." Terence nodded with a smile. "Although we are not meant to be a couple, I still believe that we can be good friends."

"Well..." Jean's face darkened into a scowl at his declaration.

So many things in H City had changed ever since Jean left three years ago. She had wanted to use this as an excuse to spend time with Terence and kindle the feelings between them. But his description of their relationship disappointed her.

They walked in silence for a little while before Jean turned to face Terence. "I'm sorry, Terence. I'm not feeling well today. I want to go back and rest."

"What's wrong?" He didn't seem notice that Jean was in already a bad mood. When he heard that she wasn't feeling well, he immediately asked if she wanted to go to the hospital.

Jean politely refused his suggestion.

"There's no need for that. I just haven't gotten over the jet lag. That's probably why I'm not feeling so well."

"Alright, then I'll drive you back," Terence said. This time, Jean didn't refuse.

When they arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Jean turned around to face Terence. "Well, Terence, when can I move to your house?"

Without giving him the chance to respond, she hurriedly explained, "You know, the hotel is such a mess. Last night, a drunken man came knocking at my door. I was so frightened."

"Really?" Terence's eyebrows scrunched into a small frown. "Well, you should pack your things tonight. I'll have my place cleaned up tonight and I'll pick you up tomorrow morning."

"Great!" Jean smiled in happiness. "Thank you for your help."

"Don't mention it. It's my pleasure." Terence chuckled.

Jean watched as he left, a viscous smile widening on her face.

'Oh Julia, why is it that even after you've already divorced that man, you are still annoying me? It seems that I really must teach you a lesson to let you know who I am.'

Jean rolled her eyes. She decided it was time for her to meet Julia and teach her a lesson.

She immediately phoned Julia. Since she had just changed her domestic number, Julia didn't have a record of her number. "Hello?" Julia answered. Her voice was

still weak and raspy from the illness.

"Julia, are you busy?" Jean asked.

"Jean?" Julia recognized her sister's voice. Frowning, she asked, "What do you want?"

Jean laughed and said, "We haven't talked to each other for a long time, why don't we catch up?"

"We have nothing to talk about," Julia coldly replied.

"What? Are you afraid now?" Jean decided to provoke Julia. "Is this because of what happened between me and Terence? Do you still blame me for that?"

"I don't want to hear his name," Julia replied impatiently. "You just want to talk to me, right? Just tell me when and where."

"I'll meet you tomorrow morning at eight o' clock. I'll be at the coffee shop on the bottom floor of my hotel. See you there." A proud smile appeared on Jean's face.

Although she hadn't seen Julia for three years, her sister was still as reckless and brainless as ever.

After Julia hung up, Consuela frowned and asked, "Why did you accept her invitation? Seeing her will only upset you."

With a bitter grin, Julia replied, "Do you think that she would let me go if I refused? I would rather be the one to take initiative than wait for her to come to me. I just want to know what she wants."

"But if you go there like this..." Consuela had met Jean before and she knew that that girl was difficult to deal with.

Although Julia had been in the entertainment industry for the last three years, she had never learned to be cunning and was still so innocent. Luckily, Consuela was always around to protect Julia.

Julia was not like her sister, Jean. If Jean had wanted to, she could have been successful in the entertainment business.

"Don't worry. I can take care of myself." Julia tried to convince Consuela. "When I finish meeting Jean, you can arrange more work for me. I don't care about the payment."

"Are you short of money?" Consuela asked in confusion.

"Yes." Julia smiled bitterly.

"But that shouldn't be the case..." Consuela knew better than anyone how much money Julia had earned. Although her mother was a gambler, there was no way she would've spent so much money. "Julia, are you hiding something from me?"

Consuela stared at Julia and tried to reassure her. "Don't forget that I'm your agent. You can tell me everything."

"It's nothing important." Julia decided not to hide it from Consuela. "My mother asked me for a large sum of money. I'll probably become a pauper soon, so I'll have to work even harder."

"Don't you have any alimony from Terence?" Consuela didn't know how much money Mandy had asked for. So she thought it was easy for Julia to provide it.

Julia didn't answer for a while. Consuela suddenly felt an uneasy feeling in her heart. "How much did she ask for?"

Julia hesitated for a long while before finally telling her. "Ten million."

"Ten million? Why doesn't she just rob the bank?" Consuela raised her voice angrily, her blood boiling at what she had just heard.

She didn't understand why they always bullied Julia. Did they think that there was no one around to help her?

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