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   Chapter 14 Can You Be Reasonable

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"Just stop what you are doing!" With an impatient grunt, Mandy dragged Julia to a seat. "I have something to tell you."

Although the room was much cleaner after she tidied up, Julia was still unsatisfied.

During the three years that Jean had been abroad, Julia was the one taking care of Mandy. She also knew that Mandy favored Jean. But no matter what she thought, this woman was still her mother.

"What's wrong?" Julia asked, a relaxed expression on her face. She didn't know what her mother was going to say. She even began to think of what Mandy might need and decided to send Abby to buy them for Mandy.

"Julia, you are an adult now, so I won't beat around the bush. It was not easy for me to raise you. You—"

But before Mandy could finish her sentence, Julia interrupted her and asked, "Do you need money again? How much do you want this time?"

Julia grimaced at her mother. She didn't think it was good for Mandy to be living like this. She had tried to persuade her so many times, but the woman did not listen to her. Fortunately, Julia was always able to provide the amount of money that Mandy wanted.

Julia went to get her purse as she continued, "Mom, I know that you have been very unhappy since Dad's death, but you can't delude yourself by gambling. You are still young. If you want to live with someone else, I won't stop you from doing so. But you can't always gamble."

Julia retrieved a bank card from her bag. "There is fifty thousand in this card. But please, don't gamble anymore."

At an ordinary day, Mandy would have taken the card immediately. But this time, she did not move. Instead, she looked at Julia with an indifferent expression on her face.

Mandy felt a little bit frustrated to do what Jean had asked her to do. But she had to do it for her.

Sighing, Mandy looked Julia in the eye and said, "Today, I asked you here because I actually need money. But I raised you and now you just want to get rid of me by giving me fifty thousand. Don't you think it's a ridiculous amount?"

"Mom, what's wrong?" Julia frowned. She looked at her mother knowing that something was wrong with her. "That's all that I have with me. If you think it isn't enough, I can ask Abby to send more."

"Okay. Call Abby right now and ask her to prepare the money," Mandy said in a menacing voice.

"Did you lose a lot of money again?" Julia asked with a scowl.

"Cut the crap," Mandy snapped angrily. "Will you call her or not?"

"Okay, okay, I'll call Abby right now." Julia nodded. "How much do you want?"

"Ten million," Mandy replied in an arrogant tone.

Just as Julia was about to make a call, she paused at her mother's answer. She raised her head with an incredulous look on her face. "What did you say?"

"I said, ten million." Mandy looked at Julia and repeated

her answer. "I was the one who raised you. And you are famous now. If I ask you for ten million, is that too much for you?"

"Mom, don't joke around." Julia waved her hand. "You know me. I'm not rich at all. The money I make isn't even enough for me to support myself. And I paid for your one million gambling debt last year. Now you're asking me for ten million. Mom, you must be crazy!"

"I'm not kidding," Mandy said coldly, her eyes narrowing at her daughter.

Slightly frowning, Julia asked in a helpless tone, "Well, tell me the truth. How much money do you owe?"

Mandy didn't respond. Julia continued, "Mom, I've told you that you can't gamble. Where will I get that much money in such a short time?"

"Stop saying you're poor," Mandy sneered and rolled her eyes. "I heard that you've divorced Terence. He is always so generous. How's the alimony? Are you not willing to give me that money?"

"How did you hear about it?" Julia's heart sank. Only a few people knew that she and Terence got divorced, but Mandy somehow knew. Jean must have come here.

Julia scowled at her mother. "You heard it from Jean, didn't you?"

"So what?" Mandy said straightforwardly. "Jean came back. She doesn't even have a place to live in H City, so I have to help her find a way out. I've taken a fancy to a house, but it costs ten million. So, give me the money now."

"So you want to use my alimony from Terence to buy Jean a house?" Julia couldn't believe her ears.

It was all because of Jean that Julia failed in her marriage. Now, Mandy wanted Julia to buy Jean a house. Why?

Julia tried her best to be patient. "Mom, I know that you have always favored Jean since we were children. Jean is younger than me and I don't mind this. But I divorced Terence because of Jean. Now, you want me to buy her a house with the alimony. Did you even ask Jean whether she needs it or not?"

Terence had said that Jean would soon move into his villa. Julia was the homeless one, not Jean.

"So what?" Mandy said indifferently. "If it weren't for you, then Jean and Terence would have gotten married three years ago. She wouldn't have had to go abroad. So you owe her. Now, do this to make it up to her."

"Mom, could you please be a little more reasonable?" Julia felt so wronged that she was on the verge of tears. It was fine that Terence didn't believe her, but even her mother didn't believe her either. She raised her head to look at Mandy. "Jean admitted to me that she drugged me after finding out Terence was going to go bankrupt. It was definitely not like what you had just said.

I am also your daughter. All I ask is for you to be fair. Can't you do that?"

Mandy felt a little guilty, but she still daringly replied, "Don't talk such nonsense. Jean is not the kind of person you described her to be."

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