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   Chapter 13 So What

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"That's impossible..." Jean stared at Mandy, her body turning cold. She didn't expect that Julia was the one that Terence wanted to marry in the first place.

"Jean, it's true." Mandy forced a smile. "During that time, your father's business heavily depended on Terence's investments. That was why Aron agreed to correct the mistakes. He intended to talk to you about it the very same night. But as you know, Julia and Terence slept together that night. Afterwards, you went out of the country and Terence married Julia."

Sighing, Mandy frowned and stared at her daughter. "To be honest, Terence is really strange. He fell in love with Julia three years ago. But after getting married, he became so cold to her. I really don't know what was on his mind."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" After learning the truth, Jean felt like an idiot. She was kept in the dark for such a long time.

"I didn't think that there was nothing much to say or do." Many plastered on a sad smile. "The next morning, I discovered that you were no longer interested in Terence. I think it might be better for Julia to feel as if she owes you something. Perhaps she may even be able to help us in the future."

With a deep breath, she continued, "Let's not dwell on it anymore."

Jean was proud and arrogant; she would have definitely felt uncomfortable if she knew about this before.

"So why are you only telling me this now?" Jean asked as her eyes narrowed at Mandy.

With a concerned look, Mandy replied, "I'm just worried about you. You were living a good life abroad, but you came back to fight against Julia for a man. I'm just afraid that you will hit a wall and hurt yourself."

Although Mandy was worried about her, the things that she said made Jean feel like she was just slapped in the face. She was hurt.

Jean's face suddenly contorted into a frown.

With a slur, she retorted, "So what? He loved Julia three years ago, but it is obvious that they didn't get along well at all, right?"

Jean wanted to fight back against what Mandy had said, but she was also trying to convince herself that she was doing the right thing. She wanted to ease her mind regarding the matter.

"Besides, they are already divorced. I'm sure Terence feels guilty about what he did to me. Maybe if I try hard enough, he will fall in love with me," Jean said.

"Jean..." Mandy's eyebrows furrowed. "I don't disagree with you. But I want you to recognize that it is not easy for you to—"

"Shut up!" Jean interrupted her mother impatiently.

"Nobody can stop me. I have to do it!" There was a cold expression dawning on her face.

Mandy stopped protesting since Jean didn't want to reason out. In all honesty, she also thought that Julia was not good enough for Terence. It was better to let Jean try to win him, rather than let Julia stay with him.

"It seems that you have made up your mind. I won't say anything more." Mandy sighed with defeat.

Jean glared at Mandy and said, "Mom, I also want to ask you for a favor."

After finding out the truth, she was more determined to destroy Julia's reputation. If she did that, then she would ha

ve more opportunities for her plans. She wickedly smiled in delight at the thought.

If she wanted to receive Terence's love, she had to work harder.

"You need my help?" Mandy arched an eyebrow, surprised. She was a wretched gambler. What could she do to help her daughter?

"Jean, you know me. I'm afraid that I will screw it up."

Mandy's insights about her personality and position were quite accurate. But instead of rolling her eyes at her, Jean smiled. "Don't worry. I will give you instructions and you will execute them properly.

You also want to see me happy, right?"

"Of course." Mandy nodded her head. "Jean, throughout your entire life, I've only been good to you. Your business is also my business. As long as I can help, I will. All you have to do is tell me what you need."

"Julia has just recently divorced Terence. That means she should be receiving alimony from him. So when you ask her for money, ask for ten million, okay?" Without batting an eye, Jean looked at her mother coldly.

She wanted Julia to lose everything.

"Ten million?" Mandy gasped when she heard the number. Shaking her head, she hastily replied, "Isn't that too much? What if she can't provide the money?"

"That's exactly what I want," Jean said with a cold smile. "Anyways, you have to help me complete this first. We'll talk about the rest later."

Before leaving, Jean took a sip of water and stood up. "I've already paid the bill. Call me once you've already seen Julia."

Mandy abruptly stood up and asked, "Where have you been living for the past few days? How about I go clean it for you?"

"No, thanks." Without casting another glance at her mother, Jean left the restaurant.

On her way home, Jean felt sick with what Mandy had just revealed to her. Unconsciously, she ended up at the bottom floor of HT Group. She looked at the entrance and hesitated for a few seconds before entering the building.

"Excuse me, miss. How may I help you?" the receptionist asked with a polite smile.

"I..." Jean stumbled, trying to think of what she was going to say. This was Terence's company. But she wasn't sure whether she should see him today. After a second thought, she decided not to.

With a shy smile, Jean apologized to the receptionist. "It's alright."

She desperately tried to remind herself to be patient. But her conversation with Mandy earlier really disrupted her plan.

When Mandy left the restaurant, she immediately called Julia. That was when Julia was looking for a house to rent. After the call, Julia hurried over to Mandy's rented house.

As soon as Julia entered, she widened her eyes after seeing Mandy's messy abode. Without saying anything, she began to tidy up.

Mandy uncomfortably watched Julia as she was busy picking up the mess on the floor. Her mind went back to what Jean had asked her to do earlier. Deciding to go with her plan, she said, "Stop what you're doing for a moment. Come here and sit down. I have something to tell you."

"Mom, just wait for a moment," Julia replied, without raising her head. "I'll finish cleaning up soon. I've brought you some food. Eat it first."

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