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   Chapter 10 If Only She Were Half As Sensible As You

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"What?" Terence darted a surprised glance in Jean's direction, wondering what she meant.

"She didn't mean anything by saying you are my boyfriend. Don't take it to heart," Jean said and lowered her head shyly.

"It doesn't matter." Terence put the thought out of his mind and started the car. "You said you are going to the supermarket, right?"

"Yes," Jean said nodding her head slightly, but she felt quite unhappy. She had actually wanted to get close to Terence by telling him that people think they were a couple. But it seemed as if he didn't even care about it.

It simply meant that Terence had never thought about being in a relationship with her.

It had only been a few days since Jean had returned, and she could tell that Julia was very uncomfortable. But it would still take her some time to become Terence's legal wife.

"How's your hand?" Terence asked. His mind had been so focused on Julia for the past two days, he had forgotten about Jean.

"It's okay now. I got several stitches. The doctor advised rest. If I do that, I will be perfectly fine soon."

"That's great." Terence managed a weak smile, nodding. "I'm really sorry. I didn't expect that Julia would do such a thing to hurt you," he added, apologetically.

"What are you talking about?" Jean frowned slightly. She did not like the fact that he was feeling guilty for something Julia had done. "It's not your fault. Why are you apologizing?"

Then she sighed. "It's all my fault, I don't blame her.

"If I hadn't shown up out of the blue, Julia wouldn't have been so angry. Or, if I hadn't asked you to pick me up at the airport, things wouldn't have gone haywire. You and Julia have been happy together for the past three years. I hadn't expected things to get messed up the second I stepped back into your life. It's all my fault."

Jean bowed her head looking at her hands clasped together. She put on a look of sadness and carried on speaking. "But I left in a hurry all those years ago. I haven't even been in contact with any of my friends in H City. After thinking about it over and over again, I realized you were the only one who would come pick me up."

"You don't have to feel guilty," Terence said, trying to console Jean. "Julia and I haven't been happy together at all. We have barely said a word to each other in the past three years. Moreover, our marriage existed only on paper. In other words, you helped me in divorcing Julia after you came back.

I divorced her because we haven't been on good terms for as long as I can remember. You do not have to worry about that."

"Really?" Jean asked, feeling gleeful on the inside.

"Of course." Terence nodded. "Julia has already moved out and you do not have anywhere to live, do you? You can live at my place. It's empty anyway."

Jean pretended to hesitate. "Are you sure that's a good idea? Won't that bother you?" she asked, trying not to sound too eager.

"It's no trouble at all. You can't always stay in a hotel, can you?" Terence grinned, his eyes on the road. "Besides, it was my fault that you had to leave H City for such a long time. Now that you are back, give me a chance to make it up to you."

"Terence..." Jean was deeply touched by Terence's words. She gazed at him and then said in a soft tone, "Actually, I have never blamed you for that. As far as I was concerned, it was all Julia's fault. Also, it was a long time ago. You and Julia are div

orced now so maybe we should forget it and move on."

Terence smiled bitterly. After a few seconds of thinking he commented, "If only Julia were half as sensible as you."

But he was aware that Julia was stubborn and refused to compromise, come hell or high water.

"What did you say?" Jean had clearly heard what he said. Her heart broke as she could tell that Terence had feelings for her sister.

"Nothing." Terence smiled, focusing on parking the car in the underground parking lot of the supermarket. "Here we are."

They exited the car and walked towards the gates side by side. When they reached the gates, he walked in front and held it open for Jean like a true gentleman. She gave him a smile and entered first, with him close behind.

Because Jean's hand was wounded, Terence pushed the shopping cart and accompanied her as she shopped.

"By the way, Terence," Jean started. She looked at Terence standing a couple of paces behind her, with his hands on the handle of the shopping cart. This man was really amazing. She noticed girls in the supermarket staring at him and whispering about him and yet, he had no idea.

But now he belonged to her. She was really proud of herself.

Jean wanted him to be hers, only hers.

"After I move in, I will invite you over for dinner. I'll make everything myself," Jean beamed.

"You know how to cook?" Terence asked, surprise evident in his voice. When Jean had left, she was the kind of girl who knew nothing about all this stuff.

"Don't underestimate me. I didn't learn anything else in the past three years when I was abroad. But I have worked really hard on my cooking skills. You have to see for yourself."

"Okay," Terence agreed readily. "Now I have to have the food you make. Stop gloating."

"Don't worry. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think." Jean laughed and then added, "It's a deal. I'll have you over after I settle down."

"Okay." Terence replied with a smile.

Although he was trying very hard to sound happy, Jean could see a hint of sadness in his eyes.

She proceeded to buy some daily necessities. When she was done, they moved towards the cashier. Terence unloaded the items and then took out his wallet. Once the payment had been made, he picked up all the things and walked out alongside Jean. He hadn't let her do anything at all in the entire process.

Jean felt a little embarrassed and wanted to help. She tried to take a couple of things from Terence and carry them herself, but he would not have it. "You don't have to do anything. I can handle it. Your hand is still injured, you need to be careful."

Terence's words warmed Jean's heart.

Next, they headed towards the hotel Jean was staying at. Terence helped her take everything upstairs. Once they were done, Jean turned to Terence. "Why don't you come in and have a cup of tea? I'll make it just the way you like it."

She smiled expectantly. "It will be a thank you for all that you did for me today."

She only wanted an excuse to make him stay for a little longer. But, she was disappointed when he turned her down. "I can't right now. I have to go to the company. You can make me dinner once you are settled in if you really want to thank me."

Terence's lips curled up. "Get some rest and call me if you need anything."

"Okay," Jean's responded. She wanted to keep Terence here, but she thought she shouldn't be too hasty.

She had enough time.

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