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   Chapter 8 If You Are Willing To

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"No, there's no need," Julia sneered and pulled away from Terence. "Shouldn't you go back to your new girlfriend? Why bother sending your ex-wife back? Maybe you don't even see me as your ex.

I don't need you to poke your nose in my affairs." Julia smiled bitterly.

It was obvious that Julia was very delighted when she saw Terence appear, wanting to thank him.

But for some reason, she hesitated just as she was about to mutter a thank you, and even mocked herself.

Terence looked at her with a cold and straight face. "I don't want to repeat myself a second time. If you don't mind people seeing you cause a scene, then I will carry you all the way to my car."

With a quizzical gaze, Julia asked, "What do you mean?" You divorced me yesterday. And now you came to help me and acted like a gentleman. Why? What's wrong? Are you feeling an inch of regret for signing those papers?

I'll tell you now that it's too late for any regrets." Julia pointed at Terence's nose and continued, "I'm single now, and there are a lot of men after me. It's of no use for you to regret."

Before she could utter another word, Terence swiftly scooped her up, and carried her on his broad shoulder.

As if he was carrying a sack, he dumped her in the passenger seat.

Julia struggled to free herself, but Terence was too strong and firm. She felt so powerless over him. Impatiently, he shouted, "Do not move."

He raised his head and gave her an exasperated look.

As soon as he looked up, their eyes locked. The space in the car suddenly felt cramped and an awkward silence filled the air.

Julia widened her eyes and looked away.

She was afraid of looking him in the eye. When the two of them first met, she was attracted to his dark and attractive eyes. It felt as if she were looking into a deep and bottomless abyss, not wanting to ever escape.

Upon seeing Julia's apprehensive look, Terence couldn't help but flash a smile.

He didn't even realize that he was doing it.

After making sure that Julia was fastened securely, he drove to the house they had once called their home. He didn't know that she had already moved out.

Julia slept during the ride, frowning as she leaned against the passenger seat.

Terence couldn't help but glance at her lovely face, wanting to remove her frown. Even when she looked upset, she was still cute.

When Julia woke up, it was already morning. She looked around and found herself alone in the room.

Sunlight spilled through the gaps of the window curtains. She reached out to rub her eyes and couldn't resist the excitement she felt when she found herself back in the familiar bedroom.

She vaguely remembered the events of last night and flinched at the possibilities that were running through her head. She found her mobile phone on the bedside table.

"I'm screwed..." In a hurry, Julia threw back the quilt and tried to get out of bed, only to discover that she was stark naked.

"You're awake." Terence walked in.

"Get out!" She blushed in embarrassment and felt ashamed of herself even though they had had sex on this bed not long ago.

"Since when did you become so reserved?" Terence uttered in a dispassionate tone. Last night's ev

ents were still playing in his mind, and he clearly remembered how unrestrained Julia was.

Julia gripped the quilt tightly around her, wanting to be invulnerable. Instead, she felt a pang of sadness after what Terence had just said.

"Where are my clothes?" Julia bit her lips, anxious with the response that she would get.

"You vomited on them last night, so I decided to put them in the washing machine." Throughout their three-year marriage, Terence rarely came home during, let alone stay in the same room with Julia.

However, Julia was crying hysterically last night. He stayed by her side, not wanting to leave her in such a horrid state.

In the morning, he left her side to answer a call from work. He didn't want to disturb her sleep, so he took the call outside, not expecting her to be awake once he came back.

Julia bit her lip and opened the closet door to find something to wear. She took a white shirt that belonged to Terence and slipped it over her head. It was big enough to cover her hips.

Terence fixed his eyes on Julia's slim and smooth legs, outlining the silhouette of her slender figure under the shapeless white shirt.

Julia was unaware of what was going on in Terence's mind. All that she knew was that she couldn't stay here. She had to leave as soon as she found her clothes. Just as she was about to leave the room, he grabbed her arm.

Julia winced and frowned at Terence. "You're hurting me," she complained.

"I'm hurting you?" Terence briskly tore Julia's shirt and threw it on the floor. Stunned, she quickly covered her breasts and shouted, "Are you insane?"

Without answering, Terence lowered his head and kissed her forcefully. All of his anger and frustration sealed in his kiss. Julia shuddered as he covered her soft body, the smell of blood lingering in her mouth.

The room was so cold, she couldn't stop herself from shivering.

With all the strength she could muster, Julia pushed Terence away. "What the hell are you doing?"

She was fuming in anger. How lowly he must think of her, doing such impertinent things. Was she just a bed partner?

"Don't tell me you're not enjoying this." With a sneer, Terence grabbed Julia's arm. "You dressed like that and expected me not to react the way I did? You were seducing me.

I will give you whatever you want today."

"No, that's not—" Before Julia could finish, Terence pushed her to the bed. His eyes were blazing with anger.

She was deep in love with him, but making love with him was like a torture to her.

After their passionate lovemaking, Terence got up and got dressed as if nothing happened. "When you leave, take all your things with you. Jean will be moving in real soon,"

he announced unceremoniously. "Don't leave anything behind. I don't want her to get offended or upset."

"Is that so?" Julia smiled to hide the pain she was feeling and plastered a smile on her face. Her heart was beating fast, but she said calmly, "Do you think she will be happy if I die? Maybe then we will both be truly free."

Stunned, Terence was taken aback by what Julia had just said. But when he turned to look at her, his face was cold and impassive.

"Well, if you are willing to."

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