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   Chapter 6 Don't Pretend To Be Chaste

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Terence suddenly felt like his woman was coveted by other people.

That wasn’t at all a nice feeling. In fact, it made him very uncomfortable.

"If you’re worried about her, you can just go there and check on her," said Nelson. He and Terence had grown up together ever since they were nothing but children. He knew almost everything about Terence, including what happened between Terence and Julia.

He could tell that Terence had feelings for Julia; it was just that Terence refused to admit it.

"She’s just a defenseless woman. It isn’t safe for her to get drunk in a bar like this," Nelson said. "No matter you like her or not, she’s still your wife..."

"She isn’t!" Terence grumpily cut him off. Even after hearing what Nelson said, he had no intention of going to Julia. "We’ve signed our divorce papers last night. From that moment on, she’s just a stranger to me.

Besides, I don't want to have a wife who can't even behave herself. It’s a common knowledge that a bar isn’t a safe place for a lone woman—she should’ve known better than to come here to drink alone."

'And in such a revealing dress at that,' he thought.

"You are as stubborn as a mule." Nelson heaved a deep sigh.

Terence grasped Nelson's arm and said, "Didn't you say you want to drink? Let’s drink then. Why on earth are you wasting your breath to speak on her behalf?"

Terence originally thought that he would be much more at ease after Julia signed the divorce papers, but things didn’t go as he wished. Now, her indifferent expression always emerged in his mind every time he closed his eyes.

He even began to wonder if she’d made herself sexually available for other men.

After all, the entertainment circle was such an adversely influential environment that only very few women in that circle could stay faithful to one man. Although he looked calm on the surface, all kinds of speculations already started to bud in his mind. Maybe, she had treated her body as an instrument that she could exchange for opportunities and roles.

Terence felt a sharp pang of pain pierce through his chest. The mere notion that she might’ve had sex with countless men left him hopeless and heartbroken.

Such a deceitful, unscrupulous woman deserved neither his concern nor his love.

Terence seemed to be absent-minded, but he didn’t stop drinking. Nevertheless, every joke his friends made seemed to never enter his ears. He sat quietly with a bottle of wine in his hand. His mind had long wandered off to where Julia was.

On the other side of the bar, Julia’s situation wasn’t much better—she was practically completely intoxicated. She staggered to her feet but then tripped over a cocktail table. Just as she was about to fall, however, a pair of hands swiftly caught her waist.

She looked up and saw the face of an unfamiliar man.

"Let go!" Julia was drunk, but she still had a trace of rationality left. The man was handsome, but she could see that he was the indulgent type at a glance. Presumably, he was either a man looking for a sugar momma or a man who liked to have affairs outside. In any case, he wasn’t anything good.

"Miss, you’re drunk. Let me drive you home." He’d noticed Julia from the moment he entered the bar. In this bustling place, she sat in the corner and drank by herself as if she was trying to drown her sorrow. She looked beautiful, lonely, and sad. Such a fragile figure in this kind of sinful place instantly attracted his attention.

Many of the men around talked and fantasized about her, but no one dared to step forward. Since none of them had the guts to come to her, he took the lead.

There was no way he would give such a woman a miss. After all, she was the most ravishing woman he’d ever seen.

"I said let go!" Julia said through gritted teeth.

"Miss, calm down. I have no ill intentions." The man hooked his arm around Julia's waist. His touch made her queasy and tense, but he pretended to not notice her reaction. He said righteously, "You’re drunk; I just want to help you to get home safely."

"You can’t deceive me with those high-sounding words. Go convince other girls." Julia struggled to get free and tried to push the man away. However, her drunkenness made her whole body li

mp, and the man clamping on her waist must be about six feet tall at the least. In front of him, her current strength was really nothing worth mentioning.

"But I’ve fallen in love with you the moment I laid my eyes on you. I guess this must be the so-called love at first sight," the unknown man whispered in her ear. His hold on her waist tightened, and he pulled her even closer to his body.

"Fuck off! Take your hands off me now!" Julia finally lost her temper. "Let go, or I’ll scream!"

"You can scream all you want!" The man grinned. "Miss, please open your eyes. This is a bar. Things like this happen all the time here. How many people do you think will be willing to get involved in something that’s not their business?

Listen to me, okay? Come with me, and I’ll definitely make you forget your trouble and feel comfortable tonight..." The man chuckled.

Julia made a run for it when the man wasn’t paying attention. However, he swiftly caught her back and said threateningly, "Don’t blame me for being rude to you if you’re not obedient."

"Please help! Somebody! Let go of me! Help!" Julia, who no longer cared about being recognized, shouted desperately.

"I'm sorry. My girlfriend and I are having a little disagreement tonight. She’s throwing a tantrum and refusing to go home. Sorry for the ruckus..." The man smiled apologetically at the crowds.

His apology seemed genuine, so the crowd once again went about their respective business. Nevertheless, Julia's noncompliant appearance finally made the man lose his temper. He stopped pretending to be a gentleman and swung his hand, landing a hard slap on Julia’s cheek. "I’ve told you that I’d be rude. You'd better behave yourself now."

The man then dragged Julia, who was incessantly shouting for help, towards the exit. At that moment, the door to the room where Terence sat was pushed open. Terence instinctively moved his gaze towards the opened door. From where he sat, he could see the position where Julia had sat a while ago. However, she was no longer there.

A relieved sigh escaped his lips without his knowledge.

"Caleb, we ought to meet at ten o’clock. Please take a look at what time it is now," someone in the room said in a complaining tone. "No need to explain. In any case, you’ve got to be punished first—drink!"

"Yes, yes, yes, I’m at fault today." Caleb gulped down a glass of whiskey. "I passed by that Wayne guy on my way here. He was dragging a woman out, but they already left when I wanted to get a clearer look. Whoever she is, I think she’d suffer tonight."

"You mean that Wayne? The one who’s a regular customer of this bar?"

"Yes." Caleb nodded. "He thought he was good-looking, so he always targeted wealthy women and even hunted for women every day. At first, he hypocritically said that he just wanted to date, but when he had enough of those women, he’d abandon them. Now, he’s even crazier. He brings drunk girls home. When those girls wake up in the following day, he’s already nowhere to be found.

Those girls are afraid that their reputations will be damaged, so although they’ve been molested, most of them never dare to speak up about what they’ve gone through. Because of this, that guy becomes even braver and more outrageous.

Although I couldn’t see her face, the girl he took home tonight has a pretty back. She wore a black dress..."

"Terence, where are you going?" Nelson asked Terence, who suddenly sprang from his seat and rushed out of the room.

Terence just felt a chill run down his spine. He didn't answer because he didn’t want to waste time explaining himself. All he wanted to do now was find that Wayne guy as soon as possible.

If he remembered correctly, Julia wore a black dress today.

He prayed with all his heart that the woman Caleb mentioned wasn’t Julia.

When he stormed out of the bar, Wayne happened to be pushing Julia into his car. Julia, on the other hand, was clutching on to the car door, refusing to get in no matter what. "Bastard! Let go of me!" she shouted.

"We’ve come this far, what are you still pretending for?" Wayne sneered. "Hardly any people come to a bar not to have fun. Since you’ve come here in this kind of dress, don't pretend to be chaste."

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