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   Chapter 5 Got Drunk In The Bar

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When Julia turned around, Terence still stood there. Smiling, she asked, "Why don't you leave right now? Can't bear to see me leave, right?"

Terence snorted in reply and shook his head. "So when will you move out?"

"I'll move out as soon as possible." With a charming smile, Julia chuckled. "I've lived here for three years. I have a lot of things to pack up. But don't worry. Your girlfriend won't have to wait too long for me to leave."

Without bothering to respond to her, Terence firmly strode out of the room.

The door closed behind him and Julia heard the sound of his engine starting. As it left the garage, she abruptly collapsed on the floor and suddenly burst into tears.

She always thought that marrying Terence was one of the happiest decisions in her life. She didn't really care what he felt towards her or whether he detested her. As long as she was with him at all times, she was willing to suffer any grievance.

She was always looking forward to the day Terence would come back to her.

But now, Jean was back.

It was time for Julia to

make way for Jean.

She was finally going to put an end to this marriage that shouldn't have happened in the beginning.

After releasing her frustrations and sadness, Julia opened her suitcase and started to pack her things. When she first moved here three years ago, she carried a large suitcase and was filled with joy at the thought that Terence would finally give her the family that she wanted.

However, three years later, she finally woke up from the fantasy. Instead of getting Terence, she received more baggage.

Quietly sitting in front of her luggage, Julia decided to call Consuela.

When Consuela arrived, her eyes widened in shock at the sight of the luggage on the floor. "Julia, what are you doing? Why is your luggage on the floor? Are you going to work? You haven't had work in a while."

"Who told you I was going to work?" After a night of calming herself down, Julia was finally able to take control of her emotions. She breathed in to control herself. She didn't want to show Consuela her sadness.

'Consuela has helped and taken care of me as if I was her own sister. I can't let her worry about me anymore.'

"Come on, take these things to the car. From now on, I will live with you. Are you moved?" Julia managed to force a small smile.

"Really? Again?" Consuela rolled her eyes at what Julia just said.

For the past three years, every single time Julia and Terence quarreled, she would pack up and live with Consuela. Julia had thought that their temporary separation would help Terence realize the seriousness of their problems.

To her dismay, Terence didn't bother to pick Julia up at least once in the past three years.

Whenever Julia would calm down, she would make an excuse to happily move back with Terence.

Because of this, Consuela made fun of Julia.

Whenever Julia played the same trick, Consuela would say impatiently, "Julia, you're going to come back again. Can you please not pack too many clothes? You're always moving around. Even if you aren't tired, I am tired."

"Consuela, I won't come back this time," Julia quietly murmured.

"What did you say?" Consuela asked after a short pause.

"Nothing." Julia casually stared at Consuela and sighed. "Terence and I have signed a divorce agreement. Since I have nothing left to do with him, I don't think I should live here anymore."

"What did you say?" Consuela repeated

her question, as if she had heard the news for the first time. Suddenly, the way she looked at Julia changed.

She had always thought that Julia would be with Terence for life, but she didn't expect that she would make such a drastic decision.

"What? Are you surprised?" Julia smiled. "I'm not the one for him. I think that letting him go would be for the best."

"When did you become so understanding and reasonable?" Consuela asked curiously. Knowing that Julia was sad, she smiled and immediately changed the subject. "Never mind. He's just a man. Don't worry. I'll help you find another man who is a hundred or a thousand times better than Terence. I'll definitely make him regret it."

"Come on! Are you my broker or procuress?" Julia laughed as she made fun of her.

She had made Consuela worry for such a long time. She wanted to be more considerate for her and herself.

She was a deserted woman now and if she didn't do her job well, she would starve to death.

"In essence, being a broker and being a procuress are the same. It depends on how you see it..." Consuela happily chattered as she helped Julia carry the luggage.

Consuela's apartment was not too big, but it had space that was enough for the both of them to live in. As Julia officially moved in, Consuela made her a hearty dinner to celebrate her divorce.

Julia looked at Consuela and knew that she wanted to make her happy. But deep inside, she knew that she wouldn't be happy, not for a while.

In the evening, Consuela invited the producer to have dinner with her. She ordered Julia to stay home and she agreed without any hesitation.

For the entirety of the afternoon, Julia watched a comedic show on TV, but she couldn't find it in herself to laugh.

All of a sudden, the room felt so stuffy, she couldn't stay home any longer. She decided that the best way to numb herself was to buy drink outside.

Putting on her sunglasses and hat, she headed to the nearest bar.

The stench of the room was laced with smoke and wine. The music was loud that it could deafen those in the bar.

Men and women crazily moved their sweaty bodies on the dancing floor. Beautiful women laughed among the men and teased them with frivolous words that made them lose control.

Julia found a seat in the nearest corner and sat down. Her cold temperament was out of place and attracted many stares in her direction. However, nobody dared to flirt with her.

She ordered one case filled with a dozen beers and drowned herself with one bottle after another.

She thought of the ruthless look on Terence's face before he left, and his care for Jean. She couldn't help but curse under her breath, "Terence, you bastard!"

A few people walking by the corridor near her had caught what she had just said. Nelson patted the man next to him. "Hey Terence, look! Who is she?"

Not wanting to pay attention to her, Terence gave a quick glance at the drunken Julia whose eyes were already blurred by the alcohol.

His gaze lingered on her for a while. Perhaps she was drunk. Her tender face was more charming, with her white face slightly flushed, and her eyes looking confused. He focused on her plump lips as it touched the alcoholic drink, finding it attractive.

Terence slightly frowned. This version of Julia seemed unstoppable and attractive. It made him want to get closer to her.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he began to see a couple of men in the bar approach Julia.

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