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   Chapter 4 Not As Good As Your New Girlfriend

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As Julia gave Terence a charming smile, she pulled on his hand and laced her fingers through his.

Terence felt a short and sudden breath hitching in his lung, making it difficult for him to breathe.

He abruptly untwined his hand from Julia's and asked, "You really impress me, Julia. Did you pretend to be sensible and gentle during the last three years?"

"Yes." Julia smiled as she quietly fought the tears trailing down her cheeks. She forced a flirtatious look on her face. "There are all kinds of women around you, Mr. Chen. I thought...I could pretend to be in love with you. I assumed that it will make you fall in love with me. But now it seems that you seem to fancy this type of woman."

Her laughter was as crisp and sweet as the sound of a silver bell. "Jean is not only feminine, but also lovely. She is the goddess in your heart."

"Don't mention her name!" Julia's eyes widely opened as Terence pinched her chin. He thought about her personality; he knew she would be angry. For the last three years, all he could notice about her was her jealousy.

But to his surprise, she didn't get mad. Instead, she smiled and began to remove her dress.

Her skin looked fair and soft, with the straps of her dress slowly slipping down her shoulders.

Terence suddenly felt hot, his testosterone immediately responding to the sight in front of him.

Without shame, Julia had stripped off her dress and stood in front of Terence.

"Umm...Mr. Chen, how do you find my figure compared to your new girlfriend's?" Julia laughed rebelliously as she anticipated for his response.

"Jean's figure is in much better shape than yours." Terence and Jean had actually never reached the point of having sex. However, he intentionally said those words as he couldn't stop himself from wanting to provoke Julia.

To his shock, Julia showed neither anger nor disappointment. She just faintly smiled at him. "Mr. Chen, there is no doubt that your lover is always great. But there has to be one thing where she isn't better than me."

Julia didn't give Terence the chance to reply. She walked up to him and started unbuttoning his shirt. "I don't think Jean's as experienced as I am in bed. If you don't believe me, I suggest that you try to find out for yourself, Mr. Chen."

"Are you crazy?" Terence frowned. He knew that he should push her away, but he couldn't get himself to do it.

"I just want to give you a choice. After all, a woman as lascivious as me... is quite rare."

Terence found himself panting at the way she was speaking to him. With a husky growl, he snaked his arms around her and dragged her to the bed to punish her.

He failed to notice that a tear tricked down Julia's cheek.

With a loud thud, he landed her on the bed.

Julia's elbow hit the corner of the bed frame. She whined, "Take it easy! You look like a wild animal. I don't think your new girlfriend would want to see you this violent."

As soon as Julia mentioned Jean, he sneered and kissed her hard. "I don't like talkative women!"

Julia was going crazy because of his kiss. She loved Terence so much, she was willin

g to give him anything he asked for.

But the man in front of her turned away from her. In a sarcastic tone he asked her, "Julia, are you this cheap?"

"Mr. Chen, I can do anything. So, will you do it or not?" she asked him. At this very moment, she didn't want anything else in the world other than him. "This is your last chance, Mr. Chen," she warned him.

He knew he was being rude to her, but Julia's feelings were at the least in his priorities. Taking a deep breath, he moved towards her.

He thought he was going crazy.

He closed his eyes and forced himself not to think about those messy things. He couldn't deny that like a magnet, he was attracted to Julia's body.

After they had finished having sex, he got dressed up. He immediately tossed the divorce papers at Julia, who was still in bed.

He turned to look at her. "Just because you seduced me to your bed doesn't mean you will remain as my wife. I hate two-faced women like you. You better sign the divorce papers while I am asking nicely. Or else..."

"Mr. Chen, why do you always turn away from me when you put your trousers on?" Julia giggled, and pulled the quilt over her body.

To be honest, she felt humiliated.

"Shut up!" Without compassion, he raised his voice. "Sign them, right now!"

Terence's tone was laced with disgust and impatience. Julia tightly held the quilt in one hand and reached over to grab the papers. But, she couldn't reach them.

Terence coldly looked at Julia. "Are you pretending to be chaste?"

Julia froze for a moment, stunned by what he just said. Without a sound, she flicked the quilt and grabbed the divorce papers.

Now, Terence was embarrassed.

His eyes quickly darted to their wedding photo on the bedside table. In the picture, he saw how happy Julia smiled. She looked like a fresh flower in bloom while he looked like he was attending a funeral.

Marriage with Julia felt like he was attending a funeral.

"As for the alimony, I won't be hard on you. However, I cannot give you this house. If you need anything else, we can discuss it another time," Terence said coldly.

"Okay, Mr. Chen. I'll do whatever you would like me to do." Without bothering to read the papers, Julia signed them as quickly as possible. During the duration of their marriage, all that matter to her was Terence.

But now, it felt like nothing mattered anymore, especially since Terence would no longer be hers.

So, she didn't care about anything else.

"What? Don't you want to read the terms of our divorce?" Terence felt his heart clench as Julia signed over the papers so quickly.

"No, thanks." Julia chuckled. "Mr. Chen, you were always so generous. I believe you, but..."

She paused, and looked around the room. "This house is really beautiful, but if you want to make it your wedding house, I suggest that you should redecorate this room or at least... change the bed.

If you have sex with Jean on this bed, I'm afraid you'll feel uncomfortable because you'll only think of me." Without saying anything further, Julia stood up in front of Terence and covered herself with a night robe.

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