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   Chapter 3 I Love You So Much

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"Steal? Honey, it's not stealing, if he was mine in the first place." Jean chuckled. "Three years ago, Terence's company was on the verge of bankruptcy. I can't marry such a man, so I put something in your wine. In the past three years, he hasn't even touched you after that. My Julia, you've only helped me seal the prize."

Jean's eyes glistened.

Suddenly, Julia's memories came rushing back. It was as if all the puzzle pieces were finally fitting together.

Julia remembered how 'out of it' she was that night. It was the very next day when Jean seized the opportunity to catch the both of them in bed.

She had thought she drank too much to sleep with her sister's fiance, only to turn out that she was framed!

Julia even remembered how an ironic smile flashed in Jean's face when she pushed the door open. Now, she finally knew the reason.

All the guilt she'd carried was in vain.

"So, you finally figured it out, huh?" Jean smiled vindictively. "Don't worry, Julia. Terence isn't a stingy person. As long as you agree to the divorce, you'll get a large sum of settlement. Your life will be much easier than being just an unknown actress in the entertainment circle."

"Compared to the settlement, I think being Mrs. Chen is far more valuable." Julia dug her nails deeper into her palm.

"As long as I don't divorce him, you'll only be known as another mistress." She laughed haughtily. "Don't worry, my sister. I won't divorce him till the day I die."

"Is it really interesting to stay with a man who doesn't love you?" Jean scoffed.

"I'm sure it's worth it." Julia smiled. "For as long as you're another shameless mistress on the road, it's always worth it."

Jean sneered. "You'll regret this, my dear sister."

"Regret?" Julia scoffed. "The only thing I regret now is that I didn't strangle you when our mother gave birth to you."

Without another word, Julia turned and left.

She came here in high spirits to catch Terence in the act, only to be at the receiving end of it all. She felt as if she'd been fooled for so many years, and it all happened right under her nose.

Just as Julia walked out of the hotel, she received a call from Consuela. "Where are you?" she demanded. "The party's about to start."

"I'll be there soon." Within an hour, she'd lost her love and her family. She couldn't afford to lose her job as well. Julia walked into the halls with her head tilted upwards.

As for Terence, she would figure it out later.

That evening, she had gotten the biggest award of her three-year career – the Best New Actress Award. Abby, her assistant, had insisted that they should celebrate the win, but Consuela stopped her.

"She must already be tired. Let's all go home and celebrate to

morrow." Consuela assisted Julia into the car. Although she wasn't crying, Consuela could still sense the sadness radiating from her gaze.

"I told you to break up with him, and you still won't listen to me." She sat beside her. "Now, you see, don't you? It's time to give it up."

Consuela embraced her, and that was when the dam broke.

Julia sobbed greatly in Consuela's arms. However, when they finally reached her home, the woman quickly tilted her chin back up and wiped the tears off her face. She was not to be caught feeling weak.

Consuela bit her lip. "How about I stay with you for the night?"

"No, I'm okay," Julia said. She had to deal with this on her own. She quietly walked back to her house and popped open a bottle of red wine.

This villa was supposed to be their wedding residence. However, as days and weeks went by, she realized that it was a tomb for herself.

It was always empty.

She thought she was going to spend another night alone when Terence came back around midnight.

She blinked in surprise.

"Are you hungry?" Julia quickly staggered up from the sofa.

"I could get some take-outs or something–"

However, Terence wasn't in the mood for either. He stomped towards her and pushed her down to the ground. "How could you?" he snarled. "What did Jean do? Why did you hit her?"

"What are you talking about?" She furrowed her eyebrows. The woman was completely fine when she'd left.

"Stop pretending!" His roar echoed throughout the villa. "I underestimated you. You are truly a vicious bitch. You make me sick."

He sneered, throwing her the divorce agreement. "Sign it. I don't want to see you anymore."

Although there were plenty of times when Terence would threaten divorce, this was the first time he'd actually let her sign one.

It felt as if he'd knifed her right in the heart.

"Do you... do you really want to be with her?" she stuttered out.

Julia hated it, hated what she brought to herself.

"That's right." He nodded in confirmation. "She's beautiful and gentle, not as bitchy as you. You couldn't even keep your hands to yourself."

"Fine. Fine, it was me. Are you happy?" She didn't know what overcame her when she started speaking. She raised her head. "Yes, I put something in your wine. Yes, I got you. Terence, don't you feel moved? Even though you have been so cold to me, I still love you?"

Terence's eyes widened. He'd never seen her like this.

Her eyes were already shining in desperation.

Julia wiped her tears, placing her arms around his neck. "You say you didn't love me, but that night your body tells a different story," she said, snickering. "If you feel lonely in the future, you know where to find me."

She winked through her tears.

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