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   Chapter 2 When Are You Going To Stop

Love Mission: Ex-wife Strikes Back By VERONICA DAY Characters: 5169

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"When are you going to stop?" Terence started, looking at Julia with expressionless eyes.

As Julia was about to explain herself, Jean started, "Sister, please don't get me wrong. Terence and I aren't doing anything. I just arrived at H City, and I was exhausted. It was Terence who came by the airport to pick me up."

Julia wanted to believe her – she really did. However, just by looking at the way Jean was dressed, she couldn't help but lose her mind.

'She may be my sister, but she's a mistress!'

"Stop with all this bullshit!" Julia narrowed her eyes. "Terence's my husband. Stay away from him."

"N–no, I didn't..." Jean stuttered out, lowering her head. Julia couldn't help but sympathize for Jean. Just seeing her like this sent a dull ache in her heart. However, when she saw the sadness in Terence's eyes, anger surged through her.

"Look at what you're wearing," she snarled. "Look at who you're with! Do you have no shame?" As her words were becoming more and more offensive, Terence pinched her chin, drawing her face to him. He gritted his teeth. "Do you want to die, huh?"

Julia sputtered, feeling his hard grip.

"Let me go! It hurts!" Julia struggled as hard as she could under his grip, but Terence seemed unfazed. In fact, his eyes lit up with fury. "It hurts? Do you even know the feeling of pain?" he snarled.

"So you're still blaming me then?" An ironic smile wove its way into her lips. Compared to the pain he had inflicted on her, the pain in her heart was much more devastating.

Three years ago, Terence was engaged to her sister. For some unknown reason, Julia had gotten drunk and slept with Terence one night.

It was a complete disaster. Terence married Julia, while Jean went to another country. She had just returned now after three years.

However, upon her return, their terrible marriage had been a complete mess.

"Blame?" He cackled. "I hate you. I hate you so much. It's times like these when I wonder if I were blind three years ago."

He didn't finish when Jean tugged his arm. "Let go of her," she stated. "She can't stand the pain anymore."

Seeing Julia's sputtering face, Terence finally let go of her. She stumbled back.

He picked up a piece of wet tissue and wiped his fingers in disgust, as if he'd just touched a man suffering with leprosy on the streets.

"Julia, Terence, stop please," Jean pleaded, tears already streaming down her face. "It's all because of me that we came into this. If I'd known," she hiccupped, "I wouldn't have come back."

Julia could only sneer in response.


ver, Terence immediately went to comfort her. "It's none of your business. She and I were wrong from the very beginning," he started. "It's time... it's time we make amends for what happened in the past."

"Do you know what you're saying?" Julia's fingers curled into fist, digging into her palm.

"I'm very sober." Terence scowled. "Since you're already here, why don't I make it clear? Tomorrow at eight o'clock, we will set this. It's over."

"You just can't wait, can you?" Julia spat out. "Haven't I told you enough? I didn't know what happened that night."

"Do you think I'll believe you? No matter what you say, I'll divorce you," he interrupted.

Terence didn't want to waste any more time with Julia anymore. Every time he'd see her, he could only feel his blood boiling over the woman in front of him. He glanced at Jean tenderly. "Have a good rest," he said softly. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Explain yourself!" Julia tried, struggling to reach for his jacket, but he finally left.

It had always been like this for the two of them.

Julia wanted to chase after him when Jean stopped her. "Stop," Jean snapped. "He already left."

When Julia turned, she could only see her sister's hypocritical face. She plopped up on the bed. "Julia, how are you?"

Jean had always been beautiful. Now that she was back, she noticed how her skin was tanner and how her cheeks were glowing even brighter. Going abroad had been good to her.

"I admit," Julia started, "it was my fault three years ago, but it's been three years. We're married now. Can't you accept that?"

Jean scoffed as if she'd heard a joke.

"Accept it?" She frowned. "We haven't seen each other for three years, yet you're still so naive."

Although Jean said it so intimately, Julia knew she was mocking her.

Jean hated the way her sister behaved, as if the world was simply revolving around her 'sweet and innocent' heart.

"What– What do you mean?" Julia blinked.

"Julia, you are Mrs. Chen, yet does Terence even love you?" Jean raised an eyebrow. "All I did was tell him that I'm coming back, and he's already wagging his tail just to see me. Don't you think he misses me more after all these years?"

"Get to the point," Julia snapped.

"Don't you plan to get rid of him already?" Jean crossed her arms.

"I've already given you three years to catch a man's heart, so don't blame me for doing a better job than you." She sneered.

"So you're saying, you're trying to steal him away from me?" It was as if Julia couldn't even recognize Jean anymore. Was this really her?

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