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   Chapter 417 It Must Be Her Kidney

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So Bella thought about the situation carefully. She was the closest person to Mason now. She should believe him. No matter what happened, he had to weather the crisis!

After the doctor checked on Mason, Bella lay beside Mason and fell asleep. She was exhausted and sleepy because of pregnancy reaction recently.

Jane also came to the hospital. Seeing that Bella was sleeping in her room safely, she could not help but feel relieved. Fortunately, Nana knew that her trick didn't work and didn't follow her to the hospital.

She took a look at Bella and Mason, who were sleeping on the same bed, and quietly left.

When she came out, she saw a young nurse coming over. The nurse had met Jane yesterday and knew that she was the bodyguard of Bella, so she greeted her with a smile.

"How is Mr. Manson? When will he come around?" Jane decided to ask. After all, Manson was the man that Bella loved most.

"It depends. Mr. Manson is in a special situation, but he should come around before noon." The nurse said with a smile.

"Well, what's wrong with Mr. Manson? Does he have any other illness?" Although Jane didn't know what was wrong with Mason, she had heard that Manson often booked VIP wards in the hospital. If he didn't have other disease, why did he squander the money like that?

"I don't know. I'm just a nurse. The patient's condition is confidential. They won't tell you easily unless you and patient had a closed relationship. The nurse looked at the bodyguard in confusion. She thought Jane shouldn't have asked so many questions.

"Okay, I see." Jane smiled and stopped asking.

After a while, Jane found a quiet place and called Tim.

"Boss, Mason was drugged. Now he is in the hospital. Bella was very angry before, but now they seem to have reconciled. Because of Everly's failure, she didn't see Nana's request clearly, and took us there earlier. And Marvin suddenly appeared and rushed to the bar." Although she was not hired by Tim, she often report

specially booked by her grandpa. Because she was weaker than ordinary people, many people sympathized with her since she was a child.

However, Nana was not satisfied. At this moment, it was all because of the appearance of Bella, who messed up everything she had planned!

"Sister, just eat some. You look thinner these two days. And we can't stall the operation any longer. Let's do the kidney transplant. The doctor said that the earlier, the better!" With a bowl of porridge in his hand, Corley persuaded her.

"I don't need it!" Nana smiled coldly. "Corley, I don't want other people's kidney. It is said that the reason why Bella has a strange fragrance is because her kidney is different from ordinary people. The doctor has ruled out a lot of possibilities, and only her kidney is what I want most. Even if she is pregnant, I have to get what I want first! I can't delay the surgery anymore, but I won't be in such a hurry!"

"Sister!" Putting down his bowl and chopsticks, Corley said, "Sister, in fact, we don't need to do that. Our lives are good enough. Grandpa is also very good to us. Didn't he send someone to see you two days ago?" Deep in his heart, he was reluctant to do so. Nana even wanted to make trouble for Bella while she was pregnant. If Nana wanted a kidney now, Bella would lose her baby.

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